African Inspired Outfits ft O'milua

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How's your week going? Mine has been good so far and I'm pretty excited about that. Can wait for the weekend. It's looking like it finna be lit.

Today, we're going to be looking at two African inspired outfits courtesy Omilua. If you've been on the blog long enough, you should know by now that I love anything and everything African. I love it's vibrance and unpredictability.

Get To Know The Brand

O'milua is a contemporary female fashion brand that draws its inspiration from its home- Africa. Works from Omilua have been showcased on a number of runways and is pretty popular in Lagos which happens to be the African hub of fashion and style. O'milua works with slim cut silhouettes that eventuates the female body. The cuts fit just the right curves, enhancing those features that need to be enhanced. The general overview of this brand, is that they make effortlessly gorgeous outfits that fit the African woman's figure just right. You should check their Instagram page @omiluaofficial and order a couple of things for your next event.

How I Styled Mine

Look 1: Orange loving'

I named this myself because I really loved this colour on me. To get a more glamorous look, I paired this orange set with a studded strap sandal and gold accessories. Packed my hair to the back for the first time and to my surprise, I was able to pack everything together without having slip always. This is big deal but  only gals with natural hair would understand me.

Look 2: YoncĂ© Blue

Lol, ignore the name. I love beyonce. This isn't a set like the first, the pants are from O'milua and the top is mine. If you're looking to make a fashion statement, then I believe opting for these pants would be an awesome decision. I didn't really change my look here. I only switched shoes and went for silver accessories but the pleated ends of the pants really upgraded the outfit.

Your  Views Matter
How do you feel about both looks? Yay or Nay? And which do you prefer? Don't forget to check out their Instagram page @omiluaofficial

There's also a video of this look and more from Omilua on the YouTube Chanel. Like, comment and subscribe.


DIY: How TO Make A Hand Embroidered T-shirt

New Video Alert!!

With spring season, comes wistfulness and the unavoidable embroidery trend. This trend has been in existence as long as fashion has existed but has found itself never being out of vouge. Even after dominating the art of decorative apparel, embroidery hasn't made as much noise as it is now. It has found its way to the very heart of brands like Gucci and made a tidal impact on every "fashion girl". If you're not able to afford a Gucci hat or jeans or shoes you can still rock this trend with this simple tutorial on how to make  a hand embroidered T-shirt. It's inexpensive and stylish. The best thing about it is how you can go buck wild with your creativity. Do have fun and don't forget to like, subscribe and share. xoxo

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My Wardrobe: The Perfect Guest

A perfect example of a weekend event is weddings. Weddings can be really fun- The food, drinks, music and possibility of finding the love of your life but then there's the major problem of - What to wear. 

If you're in this category, fear not, I'm here to save the day. Most wedding guests choose to buy the fabric of the day which is a good thing because African prints are very rich and vibrant. But it's refreshing to brake away from the norm. Instead of wearing traditional clothes, there's the option of wearing something more western.
There's nothing more western than a jumpsuit. I decided to look very glam in a champagne gold pleated jumpsuit and a matching embellished clutch.

Photo credit: Tobie Owoyomi

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Valentine's Day Lookbook

Happy Valentine's Day! For those with baes and boos, y'all better have a good time. I'm going to be neck deep in work so no valentines day for me. If you're planning to go out and you don't have what to wear, here's a video of four complete looks. We have both the day and night outfits lined up for you.

The Day Outfit
For the day outfits, we have two semi casual looks for the perfect daytime outing with your man or girlfriends. I particularly love this outfit because it's effortless with just enough "humph" to make it outing worthy. 

The Night Outfits
We were going for sexy, elegant and in season. Ijenna opted for an elegant easy slip in while I went for a sultry red jumpsuit with an open-back lace detail. 

Watch the video to get the full details of our looks. Like, comment, share and subscribe. To do these things, just press play. 

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Friends in Fashion.

Launching a Youtube Channel

Currently, I've been occupied with a couple of projects. The first and most important is something my best friend (@unservile_fashionist)  and I have been working on for a year.  We're launching a Youtube channel. Exciting, right? I told you you were going to be happy when you found out why I was away. 

This channel has been a year long  dream that has finally come to reality. The channel is more or less an extension of our blogs. Check her blog out: Miralabelle. Our content for the channel is going to range from fashion, to lifestyle, events, Do It Yourself posts and beauty hacks. 

The journey to achieving this first post was a gruelling experience. Almost everything went wrong at some point and it began to look like the channel wouldn't be a reality.

At this point, I was getting upset so easily and a lot of things and people were irritating me. There were times when I just wanted to slap the hell out of someone because of frustration. lol. Thank God that didn't happen. Then it looked like the storm had passed when we started shooting only for 80% footage of a complete look book to disappear. This made us reshoot and a part of me was thankful because I think the results were better. The channel is a success and I'm thankful. I'm still really nervous about the whole thing but worrying wouldn't solve anything. Now would it? So my advise to you is:

1. Take up that thing youvevalways wanted to do.

2. Refuse to recognize limitations. They only exist to serve as a spring board for your promotion.

3. Try as much as possible not to compare yourself with anyone. 

4. Work with a budget and learn to do things by yourself. We had a dudget of 5000 naira and spent slightly lesser than that. I made the lights.Although they weren't used in this video.

5. Finally, strive to improve on yourself. The goal is to be better with each passing day. 

You can check the channel out here. We have a 100 subscribes as our target. So please watch, like, subscribe and share. 

Why I've Been Away

Just so you don't get bored.

Hi loves, before I begin, I'd like to apologize for being away for so long. I have been overwhelmed with so much but I think it's getting better or rather it's getting easier to deal with the stress.  I'll let you know why I've been away later in my next post. I'm sure you'll be happy for me when I let you in on the secret.

For me, the month of January has been a "Big Bang" kind of month. Let me explain, you know how scientist explain the creation of the universe? You probably do but ill explain still. The hypothesis states that there was an over heating ( this was before the year began and I i had my had a massive influx of ideas for my blog. This heating lead to an explosion causing bits and pieces of subatomic particles spewing millions of miles apart forming the universe we know now.  The explosion phase for e was at the beginning of the year when I got super consistent with posting on the blog and my Instagram account.    After the explosion, a cooling occurred. Things got silent. Indeed things were quiet but not dormant: Planets, stars and galaxies were in the making.  The cooling phase is where I've been for the past two weeks. Cooking up stuff for 2017.
Like I said before, I'll let you in on it later in my post that would be up this evening.

Forgive me for leaving without absence. You'll love me when you discover why I've been away.

My Wardrobe: My First Outfit in 2017

I know this post sounds silly but I figured this look was post worthy because I happen to be wearing all my best outfits in 2016 on the first day of 2017. I swear it was totally unplanned. I wore this to a family lunch on New Year's Day. 
I'm just going to bore you a little with short stories about each item. I wouldn't be cool if I just dumped the pictures on you. Now would it?

The Shirtdress- I got this from Nairobi when I had this impromptu interview and I didn't have what to wear. Finding the right dress under pressure is super stressful. I remember that day, I literally turned the store over before I found this one shirt dress and it wasn't love at first sight like my other dresses. It was somewhat like love at the 20th sight. 

The Bag and Pom-Pom- No fantastic story behind this but I stole the bag from my mum at the end of the year and it became my best bag in 2016. The Pom-Pom keychain thingie was a gift from my younger sister. It's the cutest little thing every. I transfer it to almost every bag I own. 

The Sandals: I got these beauties from GAFA. I've been obssessed ever since. I've literally styled them in every way possible. 
For me, they're the perfect "casual with a statement" sandals. 

That's about it. I know I might have over rocked these items in 2016 but I foresee them in my 2017- I mean, see me starting the year looking hellafine. Why shouldn't I continue wearing them?

Your Views Matter

Everyone has that one or more item they love and are not ashamed to over wear. These are mine. What are yours? It could be a bag, piece of jewellry, dress or shoe.  Let me know in the comments. Xoxo