Life @ 21: Happy Birthday To Me

June 08, 2016 Unknown 16 Comments

Happy new month! It's not too late to say that. I intended to do a new months' post but it's my birthday today so no need to be so serious. I'm very excited and indifferent about my birthday. Is that weird? Of course I'm ecstatic about turning 21 but I don't know why my hormones are in a twist.

So I'm finally 21... 

It would be best to talk about a couple of things that make being 21 amazing and my fears about turning 21.

The first and must obvious is that I'm an adult. I can now club (if I used to but I don't so...). I can travel unchaperoned. I can get an apartment and do whatever adults do.

I believe 21 is the age where you cross the bridge of being comfortable with people helping you.   If the urge to be independent and self reliant wasn't your thing, at this point, you just want to do you constantly.

I've learnt the beauty in friendship, compromise and letting things go.

I've experienced love, still experience it and hope to never stop experiencing it.

The pressure to get married should increase at this point but I doubt if it would for me. I'm glad my mother knows that's not on the top of  my list.

The pressure to get a "real" job. People think blogging isn't a job. They don't know how hard it gets. I don't blame them though. Plus I've come to realise that anything worth doing is worth doing well (words of The Bestfriend). So it doesn't matter if your job is to sweep. As long as you're doing an outstanding job, your reward is sure to come.

You know that saying, "you don't know what you have until you lose it"? I just got to understand it recently. I've always known it and heard it but I never truly understood it. It had worked both in my favour and against me. I've leant to love and value the little things. These little things are the things that make life beautiful.

I've met amazing people and I'm still meeting amazing people. God has just led the right people my way.

I've traveled and experienced different cultures and people. I have always wanted this and I always try to do it in my capacity.

I've ticked a couple of things off my bucket list: engage in a snow fight; climb a mountain; ride a lot of animals (I just ridden an ostrich, a house and a camel. I hope to ride more); sail on the ocean; learn how to swim; be good at a sport; live on a beach (I've done this twice but I'm not satisfied. I want to own a beach house). That's all I can remember for now.

It's noteworthy to say that life has been good. I'm happy I'm here and I'm thankful.

I'm sure a lot of people would be expecting me to mention a lot of negative stuff because "life is full of ups and downs" but I believe mine is only upward and forward. Yes, bad things happen but I refuse to celebrate or recognise the negatives and just look forward to the positives.

I know, I know. This one is long too. Cut me some's my birthday so I can do whatever I want : P

Thank you all so much for reading. I *heart* you, always.

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  1. Happy birthday besfren!!!!

  2. That's a very wonderful composition, really found it very interesting as if it's one of my favourites law topics I don't wanna stop reading. Your life is full of adventure, I wish you more adventurous life on earth.... Happy birthday dear, wishing you long life and prosperity... I pray for more wisdom, knowledge and understanding and I also wish you all the best in this "21st year" and years beyond...

  3. Happy birthday inspire me so much

  4. Happy belated birthday beautiful! Blessings on blessings
    PS- I nominated you for a liebster award, do check it out on my blog :-)


  5. Thank you : ) I'm really flattered. I'm heading over to your blog ASAP

  6. Awwnn.. Happy belated birthday. Big up. Greater things ahead.

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