Review: Nuli Juice and Nike Art Gallery

August 15, 2016 Unknown 15 Comments

Hey you, yeah I'm talking to you. Lol!
ignore that but really, hello. Long time no post right? I'm not going to give any excuse because I don't have any good enough one. So let's just assume you love me so much, have forgiven me already and jump right to the post. 

First off, I'm back in Lagos...Yay to that! I'm really happy to be back home and back to Lagos traffic and stress. Who would ever imagine anyone would miss that. I did anyways. And I've been taking Lagos by storm. No time to chill fam. I've been all about events, outings, collaborations, okay just one for now but a lot has been going on. 

Enough rambling, I'm here to give a review of the last to places I hung out this past weekend- Nuli Juice and The Nike Art Gallery. 

Nuli Juice 
The first impression I got from here was really cool. The space had this homely feel unlike most restaurants. It actually looked like a place I could escape to to avoid drama. The choice of interior decor, I thought, was really cool. Amazing for taking photos which I did a lot. I bet the people there must have concluded that my friend and I were crazy. The food was amazballz (you'll think they sell Only juice from the name). I had a fiesty chicken panini, sweet potatoe fries,  jus de bissap (fancy name for zobo) and berrilicious smoothie. All of which I liked. The experience was really cool. Good clean inexpensive food. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that there were no waiters. You do everything yourself but then again the whole point of the restaurant is to encourage healthy living so a little excercise would do no harm. 

The Nike Art Gallery 
My next stop was The Nike Art Gallery. This was my first time here and I'm a little sad I didn't get to carry my camera along. I heard they didn't allow pictures but I saw a lot of people with cameras. There was also the 'No Photos' sign but no one seemed to pay attention to that. If you've been there before, and you know about their pictures policy, let us know in the comments. Thank you!
My thought about the gallery was Art Everywhere like literally. There were paintings and sculptures all the way up to the ceiling, all the walls, staircases, even the windows. It was all so beautiful seeing all that creativity properly preserved and showcased. I've always known Africa was the heart and soul of creativity and art but I've never seen it like this before. It was really breathtaking. There were endless oohh's and aahh's. I was lucky enough to meet a photography exhibition. I also got to talk to the photographer Oritse MXVO (check out his IG) and his numerous cousins, lol. The  best thing about this gallery is that it's totally free. Now who doesn't like free things? 

I'm just going to conclude by saying in the words of my friend and outing buddy Tilewa, "This outing was fullingly inexpensive" and that's the truth. 

Your Views Matter 
I hoped you like the reviews? If your in Lagos, are you going to try these places out? If you've been to any of these places and you had a different experience do tell. I'd love to know your story

If you're interested in reading a little more about my adventures, check HERE

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  1. Nice.. One day when I visit Lagos I'll try and go there. Thank you for enlightenment. I'll recommend to my friends in Lagos..keep going Seyi🙌🙌😘😘

    1. When you visit, make sure you call me. I'll show you around. Thanks for the encouragement darling.

  2. All that food for only you? Ahan aunty share.. Lol the space and food looks great. Those are works are also so beautiful

    1. Lmao! Toyin I can't deal. Don't worry when you come around we'll link up!

  3. Really lovely post. Looking forward to epic staycations.

    Mira La Belle blog

  4. I definitely enjoyed reading your review. Yes to inexpensive food and outings. I really want to visit an art gallery and after reading your review i think i know which to visit now.
    My Style Look Book Series

  5. Juices are always good for health.. recently i tried healthy fruit juice brands by house of chi of nigeria.. it's the best fruit juice i've ever had..

  6. I tried the passion fruit one. I wish that it came in a bigger bottle though, because I can finish 900ml in no time! It tastes amazing and I love that it's organic with no sugar added. Will definitely buy this! Also had another --best tasting juice which is jus can also check this.