My 2016 Skin Care Routine

December 17, 2016 Unknown 7 Comments

I can't stress how important showing your skin some love is. It's the most exposed part of the body. Constantly coming in contact with dust, smoke, dirt etc. This makes your face prone to infections like acne, black heads, rashes and what not. 

Generally, I have good (facial) skin so I don't  pay enough attention to my face. We're all different with different skin types and I can't even advise anyone to be like me when it comes to facial skin care. It used to be a once in a while thing. I only get serious for about a week and for the next month or two I wouldn't even remember to use a cleansing lotion. I'm trying to change. Especially with my inconsistency. I have a process. Since I know what to do, I'm just going to stick to it. I've been on this routine for two weeks now and I doubt if I'm stopping anytime soon *fingers crossed* 

The first thing I do is to exfoliate and I do that with Xtreme Collection Gold Mud. This scrub literally makes my skin glow. I got a lot of people asking where I got it from when I posted it on Instagram. Well, my mum got it from a random beauty store in Dubai so I'm finding it a little hard to break  their hearts. Honestly, any good body/facial scrub would do. 

I also use Forever R3 Factor SkinSmoothening Creme what this does is to address the major Rs of skin care: It helps RETAIN the skin's natural moisture, RESTORE resilience and RENEW the appearance of the skin. 

My third Go-to product, is the Forever Alpha-E Factor Serum. This basically locks-in moisture. It's more effective when you use it with the Forever R3 Factor Creme. 

 I have mega eye bags. I got them after sleepless nights from reading for WAEC in 2011 and they've stayed with me ever since. These things are so stubborn. I know normal people only have eye bags when they have fitful nights or are stressed out but no ooo, my own is different. I bet if I just got out of a spa they would still be there. I tried so many products to get rid of them. From scrubs, to potatoes, to cucumbers nothing worked. Then came The Blogger Point Brunch. As part of my goodie bag, I got a Crystal Collagen Eyemask. I didn't use it because I was saving them for a "special occasion". The "special occasion" came and I was too busy to even remember them. I actually planned to wait for another "special occasion" then one beautiful Sunday afternoon I decided to look at a mirror and discovered I had eye bags the size of tea bags. I had no other choice but to use these eye masks and they worked like magic. All you have to do is to take them out of the pack and place them under each eye then leave for 15-30 minutes and vuala! Eye bags free face. 

My Process
• Wash your face. 
• Massage the Xtreme Collection Gold Mud Scrub or any facial scrub into your skin. Leave that on for about 5 minutes and rinse. 
• Dry face with a clean towel. 
•  Mix the Forever R3 Factor with the Alpha-E Factor serum and apply where needed. I've been using this as a body cream and it's been working wonders. 
• Using the eye mask is optional. 

Too much?
I know how busy everyone is with school or work or life. So the best time to follow this skin care routine would be during the weekend when you have time on your side.

If you're interested in getting these products, I'll tag them on Instagram so watch my Instagram page. Muahh! 

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  1. I am motivated to start exfoliating by your post. I used to, but I stopped.
    Thank God Harmattan is here, that's the only time I love rubbing cream on my body.
    Compliments of the Season Seyi. Hope you are good.

    Christmas with my second Cousins (plus Lessons, Headache and Naughty Room)

    1. I'm really flattered! I used to be just like you at some point so I feel you. Thanks for commenting. Seasons greetings to you too.

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