My Wardrobe: How To Spice Up Your Work Wear 2: Incorporating Colours

December 20, 2016 Unknown 8 Comments

It's slowly getting to the end of the week and I'm excited. I can't wait for the weekend because it's CHRISTMAS!! whoop! Whoop! This post has been in my draft for some weeks now, and I figured the best time to post it would be at the beginning of another week to inspire you for the rest of the week. 

Colours like every other thing have a substantial effect on our emotions and feelings. A lot of colours either cause stress, ease it, facilitate serenity, etc. 
Conclusion, colours inite emotions. 

From my last experience in the corporate world, I noticed that most work outfits are drab and dull. The clothes they wear is somewhat similar to what would be ideal for a funeral. How sad, right? Now there's nothing wrong with wearing dark colours to the office but there are ways of wearing black that actually brings light a bubbly personality rather  than make people reminisce sad times in their lives. Wear colours and brighten everyone's day at the office with your look. 


You should know that these aren't rules. In fact, there are no rules. They're just a couple of things to consider if you have plans of working this style like a pro. 

• Nothing wears a dress better than confidence. If you rock the colours like the queen that you are, nobody is going to question you or throw shade. 

• Get in tune with your inner child and believe that every colour goes. 

• Keep the look clean. What I mean is, look neat and smart. If you're going to be wearing this is a corporate environment, look a smart as possible. Iron your clothes. Keep it tucked in if need be. 

• I chose to wear a belt to sort of ease the contrast. When I tried it on without the belt I looked like a hot mess but the belt just sort of made the transition between the two colour types a whole lot easier. 

Your Views Matter 
So, what are your thoughts about this look? Would you wear this to work? I don't know about you but I would. 

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  1. I love this. For once the dull trend should be eliminated. This is what most people don't really realize.

    1. Thanks. I can't agree with you more. A little colour never hurt anyone right? Thanks for your comment XO

  2. Afolabi Adesanmi Oluwadamilola21 December 2016 at 10:20

    Nice outfit.... I love that blue trouser. sky blue is actually my favorite colour, in fact I prefer to put on sky blue suits to work rather than Black suits. like you said, confidence is the key, whatever you put on, once you try to be confident and look smart in it, people will appreciate it on you and do same. Keep writing dear, God is your inspiration. more power to your elbow

    1. Aww, thanks dear. Thank you for your input. XO

  3. Love the colour and wise choice rocking the belt, it makes the outfit even more elegant.
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