StreetStyle collaboration with Ijenna Osuji of Miralabelle

August 18, 2016 Unknown 12 Comments

This is my first collaboration and I'm excited about it. I couldn't think of a better blogger  to mark the start of my collaborations with than my bestfriend Ijenna Osuji of Miralabelle at the Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week 2016.

This is going to be a what we wore post. So get ready
We both decided to go with black but put individuality just kept oozing out of both outfits.

Dope ass pictures by Iju Asonibe of @njcworks

I went with a Boohoo romper, leather braided belt, gold shoes and bag and accessorised with gold jewellery. Ijenna didn't think the romper was black but I'm convinced that it is because even though it's patterned, at least 60% of it is black. So that very much settles it for me. It's black. lol

Ijenna on the other hand, went with a plain black oversized tee, maxi skirt, black heels, snake skin bag and tassel DIY neckpiece. 

Do you see how we both wore black but look like two opposite ends of a coin? It's funny really. 

The idea behind my look 
My goal was to achieve a clean-cut, elegant and classy look with a little bit of edge hence the braided leather belt. This was a successful attempt to be edgy by the way. 

The idea behind Ijenna's look 
She didn't tell me this. I took it upon myself to decipher the look she was going for. I think she was going something comfortable and quirky yet dressy. This is so Ijenna. The best part of this outfit for me is her snakeskin bag. 

I definitely had fun during the shoot and I'm looking forward to more collaborations with more bloggers. If you're interested just let me know. Send your mails HERE

Your Views Matter 
As always, I want to know your thoughts about both outfits. Lovers, I need suggestions for new posts. I'm trying other style types. Just experimenting. So if there's anything you'll like me to try out, just leave it in the comments. Do it for the sake of science. Thanks for stopping by. XOXO

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  1. Lol... I loved reading this. I'm still looking at your outfit and I can't see black much there oo. But it's nice you guys had fun.

    Beth fayemi's blog
    Homemade Facial Scrub

    1. Hmmn, this black issue. I give up. Okay it's not But thanks though:)

  2. The romper is definitely classy even though I'm still looking for the 60% black. Lol. And Ijenna looks really comfyy.
    Laitanbee Blog

  3. I can't see black too in your dressing but you both look nice

    1. Lol, everyone seems to be looking for the black. Okay it's not black. It's a printed romper and thanks for your comment.

  4. Lol! Can't believe you're still on this black matter. Ha Ha. The back ground was black yes, but there were a lot of other colours on the "black" so technically? Not black.

    Lol @deciphering my look. I think you're right though. Comfort first.

    Mira La Belle blog

    1. Yeah, already agreed it's not black. Lol

  5. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  6. You both look amazing ahh!! I love her snakeskin bag too...too cool!


  7. Girl that romper aint black at all girl. Give it up
    Love the looks ,yes totally Ijenna was going for comfort.
    That's your bestfran that's your bestfran that's your bestfran