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September 01, 2016 Unknown 10 Comments

Happy New Month! Welcome to September fashion lovers: the January for Fashion. We're officially rounding off on 2016. Who feels like it was just last week we did the count down into 2016?

This was originally meant to be a style post. An overdue one at that. (My SD card has been spoilt and that's why I haven't posted in a while) I decided against doing a style post and thought it would be much better to tell you about my August because I loved it. 

Let's get down to business shall we...

My August started with me running away from NYSC reason being that I missed home and there were some events I couldn't afford to miss. My initial Home Run plan was to go out as much as possible and discover new places. This happened but not as I wanted it to. 

My home run waka started with unilag. A collaboration photo shoot that fail because of the weather. The upside was that I got to rediscover UNILAG and take pictures. Please who agrees with me that UNILAG guys with cars can be very annoying? 

Then there was the Nigerian Students Fashion and Design Week. I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. I went for the first day alone but I got word that the day 2 was lit. I was able to tuck in a collaboration with my bestfreind. The weekend was packed. The next day was my Nuli Juice and Nike Art Gallery experience. I would like to tag this outing Cheap Thrills  because of how inexpensive it was. Read all about it Here

After this weekend, everything was much of a blur. I don't know how it all passed. I think I spent it visiting friends. The next Highlight of August was The Blogger Point  brunch Lagos. It was all so pretty and floral. I met so many people I've been dying to meet finally(Desola Mako, Ilamosi, Iyesoggie and the list goes on). I didn't do a post on it because a lot of bloggers already did that so I'll just drop a link so you can check it out on The Diva Diaries blog and @thetonyeigbani  on Instagram. 

I also discovered a new way to wear Gafa Sandals. You like?

Started aerobics which I lowkey wasn't consistent with because of laziness *sigh*. Why can't losing weight be as effortless as adding it? 

The last few days in August, I used to prepare for my return and know Lagos better. Did a little road trip with my long time friend.

A letter to September

Hi September, 
I'm more than sure you saw how August was good. Let that be your role model but don't stop yourself from being better. 

Your Views Matter 
How did your August go?

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  1. Nooo, your henna is too pretty! Thats all i see


  2. Was it a co-incidence that Ije was holding your hair up in both photos? Lol! Have a great September!! || Follow me on Bloglovin'!
    Our Staycation at La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos

    1. Yes it is a coincidence and it's because she's a trouble maker. Lol! I hope you have a good September too.

  3. Have a splendid month of september

  4. Happy new month dear. So glad i met you at the brunch.
    Cheers to the a better month and i hope you enjoy the few weeks of your service years.
    P.S- Still loving your henna and thanks for sharing the new tip on how to wear your Gafasandals differently. I'm going to try it.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. I was really happy I met you too. I'm not the most social blogger but I'm trying. Y'all be making my head swell. Xoxo.

  5. Oh the hair thing her signature lol and doesn't look like a trouble maker at all. It was so fun meeting you dear.
    I live your henna and I think that's the final push to go get one done. So pretty. Nysc is almost over so you would survive lol.

    1. Trust me! Ijenna is a trouble maker but she's my trouble maker. Lol. I'm glad you've made up your mind to do the henna. You wouldn't regret it. Word of advise, start small. Just to see if it's your thing. I have to survive. I've come this far haven't i?