My Wardrobe: How To Wear An Ultra Low Back Top And Metallic Skirt

September 07, 2016 Unknown 11 Comments

This is going to be a relatively short post. No point boring you with irrelevant details. I'm just going to be serving you some tips on wearing either a low back dress or metallic piece of clothing item. 

Let's begin with the Low back
NOTE: It's a body suit. 

•  The most important detail you should be worried about when wearing a low back is your bra. You need the perfect bra it better still no bra at all. It's not flattering for people to see anything tagged as an under garment. 

• Moisturise your back. So that your skin can maintain its lusciousness. We can't afford showing off dry scaly skin now, can we?

• Keep things interesting. The back of the outfit is plain so I deemed it fit to make the other parts of the outfit interesting. A pair of palazzo pants with a bow, a print bottom (skirt or pants), ripped jeans, anything that makes you comfortable. I paired mine with a metallic skirt and my favourite belt right about now. 

•Accessories! I went minimal with mine. Just getting comfortable with the look. Didn't want to blow it but hey, you can go all out if that's your thing. 

That should be about it for the low back. 

Moving on to the Metallic Skirt 
Metallics used to stay within celebratory outfits but have recently made their way to every other clothing item, shoes inclusive. Here are simple tips on how to incorporate that metallic sheen without looking like a disco ball. 

• Keep things playful with a pop of  color or print. 

• Dress it up a bit with a light weight top (Satin preferably), glam heels and a clutch. 

• Keep every other thing glittered down. Trust me you don't want to look like a disco ball. Well, except you're attending a costume party. Lol 

Your Views Matter 
I'm not all knowing. If you have other tips let's not deprive other people of knowledge. Drop your ideas in the comments section. Do you like the way I paired the two items? Would you wear it? How would you rather wear the low back or the metallic skirt?  Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. Afolabi Adesanmi Oluwadamilola7 September 2016 at 04:49

    Nice one.... madam, this your blog is not only meant for females oooooooooo,naa all of us dey read am, please you must carry we guys along in your subsequent posts abi you wan make we dey wear backless top and metallic skirt ni??? Lmao though we are in the era of change, likewise era of transgender, maybe we can adopt Scottish mode of dressing.. No offence intended.
    Nowo don't worry, I will show my mum this post and buy her this attire so that she can turn sweet sixteen make my Papa know say my mama still dey market.... lol

    More power to your elbow

    1. Lol, thanks dear. I'll try to work on something for guys.

  2. I love the simplicity Seyi!!

    Awesome post! I have to share this...

  3. Love the bodysuit and i'm not really a fan of metallic clothing but after reading this post, I think i'm going to try rocking a few.
    You look beautiful as always and this your henna is everything. So jealous.
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Aww, I'm glad the post made an impact. I haven't gotten over the henna myself.

  4. Fashionista...nice pictures Though.

  5. I love the metallic skirt, you totally pulled off the look. Nice