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2016 in Retrospect

December 28, 2016 Unknown 6 Comments

Happy New Year!!

Wow! It's finally over. 365 days gone! Just like that. It's really amazing how time has been doing fast and furious these past years. Each year just seems shorter than the last. 
This is a recap of everything (not really; ) ) that happened in 2016. I don't know where to start from. Now I'm regretting doing this recap but I'll do it anyways. I've already started. No turning back now. 

In the beginning: My 2016 started with me relocating temporarily to Kebbi state for my National Youth Service Corps. I think my feeling towards that was a bitter-sweet one because although I wanted to explore and the Dora in me just kept pushing me, I was sad that I was going to miss my family, friends and all the fashion events I planned to attend in 2016. I didn't let all that make me change my mind though. I braced up decided to take the year by its horns. 

Settling In: So living on my own was slightly frightening. I didn't know what to expect. The only thing I knew was that I have always wanted to be independent. Now that I've had a little, I'm sort of addicted to the idea of managing my own space and time. I can't wait to finally be on my own. 

Making Friends: I made so many friends this year. I'm good at meeting people but the worst at following up or keeping in touch. Like, I literally never try. It has cost me some- scratch that, A LOT of friends. I feel the ones that were able to look past my bad behaviour were only able to do that by the Grace of God. Recently, I've met people worse than me and I think God  made me meet them so I can appreciate the people that actually take out time to check up. 
I made friendships on Instagram that I'm sure would last a lifetime. I met so many others physically and it was love at first sight I tell you. I met some others and discovered they were all fluff. I kept the olds strong ones and reinforced them. I really want to mention names but I'm not going to. You know yourselves. You know you've been amazing. 

Emotionally: I hurt; I got hurt; I loved; I was loved; I hated; I forgave. I learnt the most painful thing about human love- It's blind, passionate, intense, unending (if you're lucky) but it doesn't forgive. The beginning of the year for me was an emotional roller coaster caused by my own hands. One I thought I would still be in. One I got out of earlier than I thought. It was a nice ride drama but better luck next time. *slams door and catwalks away* 

Adventures: Oh this year was definitely my year of adventures. I'll just list a few. 
• Living in Kebbi itself was an adventure. 
• Travled round the state. Bunza, Arugungu, Jega, Zagga, Bagudo, Kamba, Zuru, Dankingari, Koko, Besse, Sokoto and Zamfara. I know you don't know these places but listing them makes me feel badass. Like ajala travels or Dora the explora in 5D. 
Note: These places are extremely remote places with no electricity or running water  and are far apart from each other  some as far as 5 hours but in the same state. Don't ask me what carried me there. 
• Had a lot of friends sleep over at my house and crashed at so many peoples places. Now, this is an adventure for me because it's so not me. I hate sleepovers and I also don't like leaving my bed because I never sleep well on my first few nights on any new bed. To my surprise, I loved all the sleep overs I had in 2016 and I'm looking forward to more. It also made me realise that in the ultimate host. Well, that's until you start eyeing my clothes. The hostship ends there. 
• Went to a cattle and camel market. Would you believe we had those in Nigeria? 
• Took 2 boat rides. My love for boat rides started when I first sailed the Indian Ocean. It was amazing. All you have around you is wind and water and the sound is sheer serenity. Beautiful, I tell you. This made me want more. So every chance I had to ride across water, I took without thinking too much. 
• Climbed a hill/rock thingie. I also discovered I had a weird thing for climbing when I climbed Mount Longonout (Kenya). As for this hill/rock thingie, Seun made me do it. 
• Attended the Kano Dabur Festival. I wrote about that. As much as I love horses, seeing over a hundred of them one place is no joke- it's frightening as hell. Also got to see a little bit of the beautiful city of Kano but mostly at night. I'll have to go back this year to experience it better. 
• Witnessed Shallah first had. I didn't just stay in Kebbi to look at camels. I also stayed so I could really eat meat during the Shallah festival.  And I didn't dull. My diet for two days was strictly Shallah meat. I know what your thinking- "This one likes food!". Yes. Yes I do and a  lot. 
• Oh! Before I forget, I got caught outside in a sandstorm. I'm not sure if that's an adventure but I'm never going to forget about it.  Nah mehn, never. 

NYSC: My experience was surreal. It's was amazing sometimes and I hated it some other times. There were times when I fell into depression from loneliness and times when I just felt like settling in the North, marrying an Aboki and having plenty cute Fulani babies...Not really. I met so many awesome people both on camp and during my service year. I finally had girlfriends. More like sisterfriends. *sigh of satisfaction* You don't know how  I've longed to have this. I also learnt how to have fun all by myself. I like to see the experience as a prep for what's about to come when it comes to independence and all I can say is: Throw me your best shot!

My Sisters Wedding: Another epic event in 2016. The first of the Adenowo girls to get married. As much as I loved the wedding, I hated the aftermath. Now everyone is asking when I'm going to get married. If you're in this category of people, my answer is: Biko leave me alone! I'm too young! : p

Events: Because I was in the north, I didn't get a chance to attend all the events I wanted to but I was lucky enought to meet up with some in between and at the end. Actually, just three: The Blogger Point Brunch, The GTB Fashion Weekend and The Nigerian  Students Fashion and Design Week. All of which were amazing not because the events added any value to my life but that I got to meet a lot of cool people and hang out with my best friend. 

Selfies: This was definitely my year of taking peng selfies. 

Regrets: Not going to Niger Republic. Not buying a straw hat ( you'd think because you were in the north these things would be easy to find). They're so hard to find. 

Grateful: I'm immensely thankful for 2016. For completing my NYSC hitch free. For the progress of my blog. For the support. For everything!

Your Views Matter
So what was 2016 like for you? What would you want 2017 to look like? I know I'm going to flourish. What about you? 


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  1. Wow!!
    2016 was quite eventful for you and you created a lot of lifetime memories and took loads of adventures too. I'm a lil jealous.
    I have to acknowledge your bravery for staying in the north for a whole year, I doubt I can survive that lifestyle.
    I wrote a post on highlights of my year and I'm looking forward to a better 2017.
    Happy new year dear! !
    My Style Look Book Series

    1. Happy new year praise!!!! I have to appreciate your acknowledgment of my bravery. It wasn't easy. 2016 was full of adventurers. 2017 would definitely have bigger and better ones in store for us all.

  2. ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ†
    Your 2016 was quite exciting... It made me day dream of climbing that mountain... But I would really have love to try the mountain climbing.
    This review is the best 2016 reviews I have seen... Very funny, captivating and entertaining...
    Happy New Year to you...
    Cheers to more adventures in 2017

  3. ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ†
    Your 2016 was quite exciting... It made me day dream of climbing that mountain... But I would really have love to try the mountain climbing.
    This review is the best 2016 reviews I have seen... Very funny, captivating and entertaining...
    Happy New Year to you...
    Cheers to more adventures in 2017

  4. Sounds like you did a lot of growing up in 2016 and your abilities were tested in different areas but you made it and that's all that matters๐Ÿ˜€ nice write up though and pictures๐Ÿ˜€

  5. 2016 was great for me as well, I served in Calabar and I can totally relate to living alone and going out of your comfort zone.

    What stood out for me were the people I met that were from different backgrounds and didn't have life so easy. It made me appreciate my life and my parents a lot more. There is a lot going on outside Lagos that people don't talk about and i'm happy I got to experience at least some of it.