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January 02, 2017 Unknown 2 Comments

Hey Hey! So this is officailly my first outfit post on 2017 but not my first outfit in 2017. I'll post that later. How's your 2017 going by the way? I heard some people are already hating theirs so if you're happy, I think you should be thankful. 

The season is still very festive. A lot of soirées and shindigs here and there. There's nothing like stepping into a party and being a show stopper. The feeling is pure bliss. This should be your story. If you're wondering how, fear not- Seyi to the rescue.  I'll be giving an outfit idea and some styling tips for your next party. 

The Outfit
I figured since it was a new year, it wouldn't be too far fetched to step into the new year in elegance. 
I went with a black off-shoulder mesh top and a black  detailed slit skirt. For accesories, I went silver. If you read my blog, you should know by now that I'm a die hard fan of metals. I rocked them the whole of 2016 and I'm carrying that over to 2017.  I don't think you can ever go wrong with them. You can't be soirée redu without a statement. Hence, the pom-poms clipped to the bag. 

This look is appropriate for a dinner/lunch outing, a classy formal get-together, it's church friendly when you clip it a couple of inches down and just right for any date (it has just enough "sexy but covered up" to tease your partner). 

Styling Tips
• If you're looking to rock this look like I did, go easy on the accesories. The idea is to not draw attention away from the outfit. 

• I can't but over emphasis the importance of self confidence. Expect this as a constant styling tip. 

• Make sure you're comfortable in what you're wearing. If it doesn't feel right but looks right, change it untill it feels and looks right. It's enough that you're most likely going to engage in awkward conversations at a party. Why complicate things by feeling you look funny? Do ya feel me? 

• Leave just enough to the imagination. There's a thin line between trendy and trashy when it comes to showing skin. If I uncliped the skirt a couple of inches up, I would look like a ... Let's not get into that ; )

               Outfit Details
                 Top- Made by me
      Skirt- Thrifted (shoutout to my Kebbi     customer)
                  Shoes- Nina 

Your Views Matter
I know you have a party coming up pretty soon. First, am I invited? If not, then I don't think that party should hold without me. Are you going to wear this and how? Finally, I wouldn't mind if you have styling tips you'll love to share. X

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  1. This outfit is really beautiful. Happy New Year to you dear, I wish you the very best this year and always.

    1. Thanks dear. Happy new year. I wish you the same. Xo