Double Dose Of Wrap

June 13, 2016 Unknown 11 Comments

The throw-on commonly worn by women are either jackets, blazers, kimonos, trench coats or vests. Recently, I subscribed to the use of other clothing items apart from those mentioned earlier to serve the purpose of covering

The versatility of fashion has given room for a lot of things. In this look, I decided to wear two wrap dresses. One as the base outfit and the other as a jacket. I didn't exactly have a plan for them when I bought these dresses, at the moment it seemed like a good idea but after trying them on, I instantly fell in love with one and hated the other one. I hated the longer dress. I'm not sure why but I did anyway. I was so close to returning it but then a light bulb lit up in my head...I could wear it as a jacket. Then I tried to experiment. The results came out as I expected- successful.

The beauty about throw-ons with light weight fabric is the fitting and how easy and effortless they look.

For accessories, I went with metals as the practice has been of late and my black studded sandals.

Seeing my natural hair on the blog isn't something most people are familiar with. It's funny how I scarcely post pictures with it when I'm, in the words of my best friend, a full time "naturalista".  LoL! I guess I should work towards showing my hair more often.

Your Views Matter

Do you have ideas of other clothing items that can be used as a throw-on other than the regular? Do drop your ideas in the comments. We want to know more.

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  1. Nice...
    It fits!
    And love the hair too. "Naturalista"

  2. Your hair is like my hair goals oo.. My hair won't just grow. I love the pictures too, they look so fun

    Beth fayemi's blog

    1. OMG! Are you for real? I'm blushing. I would work on a post that might help you.

  3. I like how you rocked the two outfits. You turned the long dress into a nice jacket! Beautiful combination... And the hair..are my goals😍😍😍

    1. Thanks love. It's a matter if taking risks.

      Chai! I hope y'all are whining me about my hair because I'm here blushing my cheeks off.

  4. This idea is genius mehn! Don't own wrap dresses so I can't try it. Sadly.

    Never quite seen your bun this big before. Love it. And that last picture is so cute!

    Mira La Belle blog

    1. Why thank you! We should go thrift shopping together sometime. Xoxo

  5. looking really nice :) Good idea, especially when you live in a country like germany where you need to wear something over your dress because it's too cold most of the time... I would try it sometime. :)

  6. My Smallz Dazzle Diva! Lol I love love the idea,as throw-ons are so my thing. Usually I go for shirts in place of proper jackets as my throw-on but I think it's time I own me some wrap dresses lol. The pictures are amazing by the way. Good job! ��