My Wardrobe: The Alternative Way To Wear A Shirt Dress

May 25, 2016 Unknown 14 Comments

How's the weather treating y'all? I hope it's not too hot. It's not so bad here in the North. It's not perfect but it's a little better than a few weeks back. There was a day I went out and got about three tones darker. I'm not even exaggerating.

Enough about that...

I said last year in this post that I was taking sewing lessons. Well, this is one of my creations...the shirt dress. I decided to style it in this look as a kimono. I wore it as a throw-on on the base outfit- the tank top and high waisted shorts. This is another cool way to rock that shirt dress you own.

I noticed my preference for jewelry had shifted to just metals. I don't know why per say but I like where it's going.  It's probably a sign that I'm going to have a lot of gold, silver and precious stones in my future wardrobe *covering face*

So that's it for today's post. I'm sorry I didn't have an epistle to give you today. I guess you all need a break from my lengthy posts. Plus the initial post got deleted. How painful is that?

Your  Views Matter

You know they always matter. So what do you think of the shirt dress? How would you like to style yours? Do leave a comment  below.

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  1. I love the shirt dress but no doubt about that bag, it's amazing. Nice work

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks dear! Glad you think so. I would check your link out. I looks really cool.

  3. Love the print on your shirt dress. And cute the way you styled it with grey bottoms.

    1. Why thank you. I haven't decided if it's the dress or the print I love more
      : D

  4. way to go.. all smart n cool.. How do they say it? (you slayed it all)... lolz. *thumbs up*


  5. I love shirt dresses because of how versatile they are and you def did a good job on this one.
    How to Style Off Shoulder

  6. I love them too! Thank you so much xo

  7. Love how you styled yours!! Cute outfit.


  8. Love the way you styled the outfit. You look beautiful in all the pictures