Valentine's Day Lookbook

February 14, 2017 Unknown 2 Comments

Happy Valentine's Day! For those with baes and boos, y'all better have a good time. I'm going to be neck deep in work so no valentines day for me. If you're planning to go out and you don't have what to wear, here's a video of four complete looks. We have both the day and night outfits lined up for you.

The Day Outfit
For the day outfits, we have two semi casual looks for the perfect daytime outing with your man or girlfriends. I particularly love this outfit because it's effortless with just enough "humph" to make it outing worthy. 

The Night Outfits
We were going for sexy, elegant and in season. Ijenna opted for an elegant easy slip in while I went for a sultry red jumpsuit with an open-back lace detail. 

Watch the video to get the full details of our looks. Like, comment, share and subscribe. To do these things, just press play. 

Your thoughts matter. Your thoughts always matter. So please drop them below. 

With much love from, 

Friends in Fashion.

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  1. I love your night time looks, both of you. So beautiful.xx

  2. I love all the looks.. Soo fab 💕