African Inspired Outfits ft O'milua

March 21, 2017 Unknown 7 Comments

Hey Hey! 

How's your week going? Mine has been good so far and I'm pretty excited about that. Can wait for the weekend. It's looking like it finna be lit.

Today, we're going to be looking at two African inspired outfits courtesy Omilua. If you've been on the blog long enough, you should know by now that I love anything and everything African. I love it's vibrance and unpredictability.

Get To Know The Brand

O'milua is a contemporary female fashion brand that draws its inspiration from its home- Africa. Works from Omilua have been showcased on a number of runways and is pretty popular in Lagos which happens to be the African hub of fashion and style. O'milua works with slim cut silhouettes that eventuates the female body. The cuts fit just the right curves, enhancing those features that need to be enhanced. The general overview of this brand, is that they make effortlessly gorgeous outfits that fit the African woman's figure just right. You should check their Instagram page @omiluaofficial and order a couple of things for your next event.

How I Styled Mine

Look 1: Orange loving'

I named this myself because I really loved this colour on me. To get a more glamorous look, I paired this orange set with a studded strap sandal and gold accessories. Packed my hair to the back for the first time and to my surprise, I was able to pack everything together without having slip always. This is big deal but  only gals with natural hair would understand me.

Look 2: Yoncé Blue

Lol, ignore the name. I love beyonce. This isn't a set like the first, the pants are from O'milua and the top is mine. If you're looking to make a fashion statement, then I believe opting for these pants would be an awesome decision. I didn't really change my look here. I only switched shoes and went for silver accessories but the pleated ends of the pants really upgraded the outfit.

Your  Views Matter
How do you feel about both looks? Yay or Nay? And which do you prefer? Don't forget to check out their Instagram page @omiluaofficial

There's also a video of this look and more from Omilua on the YouTube Chanel. Like, comment and subscribe.


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  1. Lovely look. These pictures are beautiful!

  2. Definitely a yay!! I love :)

  3. well designed african attire

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