Why I've Been Away

February 03, 2017 Unknown 1 Comments

Just so you don't get bored.

Hi loves, before I begin, I'd like to apologize for being away for so long. I have been overwhelmed with so much but I think it's getting better or rather it's getting easier to deal with the stress.  I'll let you know why I've been away later in my next post. I'm sure you'll be happy for me when I let you in on the secret.

For me, the month of January has been a "Big Bang" kind of month. Let me explain, you know how scientist explain the creation of the universe? You probably do but ill explain still. The hypothesis states that there was an over heating ( this was before the year began and I i had my had a massive influx of ideas for my blog. This heating lead to an explosion causing bits and pieces of subatomic particles spewing millions of miles apart forming the universe we know now.  The explosion phase for e was at the beginning of the year when I got super consistent with posting on the blog and my Instagram account.    After the explosion, a cooling occurred. Things got silent. Indeed things were quiet but not dormant: Planets, stars and galaxies were in the making.  The cooling phase is where I've been for the past two weeks. Cooking up stuff for 2017.
Like I said before, I'll let you in on it later in my post that would be up this evening.

Forgive me for leaving without absence. You'll love me when you discover why I've been away.

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