My Wardrobe: How To Spice Up Your Work Wear 1: Funky Accessories

November 24, 2016 Unknown 2 Comments

Ola babies! I know what you're thinking, "This girl just likes to change the look of her blog". Well, I decided it's something I would be doing on a yearly basis. Just to give each new blogging year a new feel. So, do you like it? I'm not done by the way. There still needs to be a couple of tweaks here and there but it should be perfect before the year runs out. Let me know what you think in the comment. Pretty please?

Down to the original topic. Have you ever felt like your work wear was a tad too serious? I'm pretty sure you don't like it. No one likes uninteresting clothes.  I have just the solution to that problem. 
Before we get back to the topic, you might be wondering why this topic. Well, has been proven by Harvard psychology researchers that clothes affect your mood, emotions, mindset and so much more.  
To be honest, I don't need any scientist to prove to me that this is in fact, the truth. 

The Spices and how they work. 
Accesories: Forever in style, accesorising is the easiest way to take your work wear to the next level. 

• Try switching up your shoes from the basic court shoes to pumps or a peep toe. Also be like me, try animal skin but in earthy tones. 

• Be funky or Edgy with your bag. Sure you're not going to be walking around with the bag but let your entrance and exit be grand. Girl, you're a Queen and everywhere is your kingdom. 

• Your love for accesories should be turned down a notch when it comes to work wear. Tread the path of the minalist.  It's not a fashion parade. An added advantage is that the lesser the accesories the more efficient you are. 

• As a woman, your hair is also an accessory and like any other accessory, it can either upgrade or degrade your overall look. For work, keep it neat and simple. If you're going to accesories your accessory (your hair,  I mean) keep it simple and elegant. Work with small hair pieces and stick to metals: gold, silver, bronze and neutral colours: black, white and nude. 

Your Views Matter
Never forget that your comments are what make me keep on. So hey, I'd like to know what you think about this look. Do you like the facelift I gave the blog? Also, if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments. XOXO!

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