My Wardrobe: Denim Shirt and Tulle Skirt

April 13, 2016 Unknown 1 Comments

For those of you unaware, I'm back to blogging. If you want to find out why I took the break and what's going on now, find out HERE.

So I planned to put this post up a while ago but I couldn't. I think it started with procrastination then laziness stepped in...or at least that's what I decided to tell myself.

This outfit was as a result of sheer long throat (pun intended). As most thrifted outfits I have, this one was partially unplanned. I went out planning to get a good deal on an outfit because I got an offer by this really amazing photographer and it seemed like I didn't have anything wear.

I just love this off-guard picture.  I think it's the background. Humpf! And they told me to delete it. I pray!

I found this skirt in a heap of clothes and it was amazing. I looked rumpled and was oversized but with a little touch up, had a lot of potential to turn into something really nice so I gave it a shot.

So I styled it with a denim shirt, also thrifted; a pair of black embezzled heel; a black clutch and little silver accessories.

There are about a thousand ways to pair a sheer shirt. You could pair it with a chiffon top if you're going for something classy. Or with a denim shirt as I did. Actually, you can pair it with virtually anything.

It came out pretty good, according to my book.
I finally want to apologize to all my readers for just zoning out on you guys like that. I'm sincerely sorry but at that time I just had a lot to handle but I'm back and I hope to continually put up posts.

Your Views Matter

What do you think about the look? A hit or miss?  Would you try it?

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