My Wardrobe: Glistening with Glamour

February 04, 2016 Unknown 3 Comments

The full title is: Glistening with glamour in my gold vintage shirt and white shorts.

If you follow me (@adenowoseyi) on Instagram, then I'm sure you been anticipating this post. If you're not, then please follow me? Thank you. I tried to create a bit of suspense by posting a cropped picture. I hoped it worked.

I love shopping and hate it at the same time. I'm not a shopaholic but when I go shopping, and budget a certain amount and then I get what I planned to buy at a ridiculously low price, the rest of the day automatically turns to one huge shopping spree. I plan to buy just one thing and income back with like five things. The worst is when I go thrift shopping. I don't think I need to explain what usually goes down. Whose with me on this one?

The reason for this little story is, this really epic vintage shirt is a result of love my unplanned sprees and I've grown to love it. I like the way it kind of sparkles without having any glitter or sequence details. The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. There's just something about getting the right fit. The shirt might be over-sized but it's just the perfect fit. The moment I put this shirt on, "the FUNK" just wakes up and I feel ecstatic all day long. Do you have clothes that make you feel like rock stars too?

Don't you just love my squad?

I paired this shirt with a pair of shorts that I feel would look as amazing with stripes; went minimal with gold and silver accessories; my gold framed round sunnies; black clutch and black Zara strappy heels.  You're going to see more of this bag and shoe because most of my clothes, shoes and bags are not with me so I have to manage what I have with me. Thank God I decided to travel with neutral colors. =)

Your Views Matter
So what do you think? Werking this vintage look or not? Would you try this look? I would also love to know, do you have clothes that affect your mood?

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  1. Seyi. Glistening ke.

    I love the outfit and the hair. The last picture of the details, I love!

    Mira La Belle

  2. Afolabi Adesanmi8 February 2016 at 01:35

    great outfit and nice combo....u rocked them best. you got it right with the folding of the sleeves. the colour combination is also very impressive, nice choice I must say....... don't be surprised when u see Kim K and Rihanna rocking this kind of combo with caption #SEYI INSPIRED US