My Travel Journal: Fourteen Falls, Kenya.

October 02, 2015 Unknown 4 Comments

Kenya is a country deposited with countless tourist attractions. From wildlife, to its beaches, to the natural scenery, to it's night life. This country has no chill. If you like waka waka you'll get broke in no time because there's too much to see and too. Except maybe your father is Dangote or Buhari or something like that then you have nothing to worry about. Like, life here is super expensive and once the locals see you with a Muzungu (white person)- your own has officially finished because they would triple the price of everything. Enough of the babbling about expenses. Things were expensive but it didn't stop me from having fun or going out.
I took a trip to Thika- which is around the Central Province- to see the Fourteen Falls. The drive from Nairobi is about 2 hours with an additional 1hour from Thika town to where the waterfall is on this extremely dusty earth road. From the name I think its quiet easy to decipher what to expect here. Its a river that has a drop of about 25 feet with 14 water falls. Yes, it actually has 14 waterfalls. I went during the dry season so the water pressure wasn't that much but I could still count 14 of the falls. It's impossible to find a clear path down the waterfall during the rainy season because water levels are high and most of the river bank is flooded.
The entrance fee wasn't too expensive because the driver had to lie that Hanna and I were Kenyan students. The scenery was amazing and breath taking. My breath wasn't taken so far before I noticed the foul smell coming from the water. I later discovered that most of the sewage From  Nairobi passes through the river. Ewww! I tried to ignore the smell and just enjoy Gods creation.
To get to the other aide of the fall, it was compulsory to take a boat ride. I think that was the scariest part of the outing because the only thing supporting and moving the boat was this rope that was tied across the downside of the river. I was so relieved when I got to the other side of the river.
There was this guy that was paid to jump from the top of the waterfall. I actually found that disgusting but I watched anyway. Before long the tour was over and we had to head back to Nairobi, then Kitengela (where I live). You can imagine the journey ahead.
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  1. Nice post :) it makes me travel once more... Miss Kenya

    1. I know right? Looking at the pictures just makes me want to go back too. Thanks for your comment.