When A Woman Makes Men's Wear Look So Good

September 21, 2015 Unknown 7 Comments

Growing up, I hated overalls and dungarees. They made me look like a boy because I was chubby and was on a low cut. So when the style came back I was a bit skeptical about indulging myself in buying one. But I tried. I bought this piece some years back but rarely ever wore them...Until now.
I think by now you should know that I'm a huge fan of androgyny from my 'Androgyny... In a mix' post. So trying the style definitely appealed to me. I wanted to five my dungarees the last chance. And it was worth it. I decided to pair it with my American flag cropped top. I bought this top thrifted from a flag shop in Benin Republic but sadly the Nigerian flag wasn't on sale so I went with the american flag instead. I felt the red on the top would make the dull dungarees pop.
Love playing with accessories- My reason for mixing gold and silver. Wanted to wear heels but I figured- I'm trying to make something boyish look sexy why not wear sneakers. Hence, the red Levis.
In all, I really love this style. Wish I had enough words to express my love for the outfit but until the English scholars think up a new work to better explain love, I'll just stick with that.

So was it a hit or a miss? Would love to know in the comments.

PHOTO CREDIT: Odunlami Titilope
                              Hanna Killman
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