Gravures Collection 2015 by Mezue

September 18, 2015 Unknown 4 Comments

In the fast, diverse and constantly changing world of fashion we exist these days, fashion trends come and go but what stays evergreen is Retro inspired fashion. Today fashion is about to take a new turn. It is the launch of the Gravures collection by Mezue. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw his look book was- Sick!!. I love this collection so much. It's young, hip, fresh and would definitely look amazing on almost anyone.

I got chatting with the brains behind the collection to try to understand the inspiration behind his work and I was astonished on how simply the inspiration was. So the name Gravures is derived form the French. It simple means prints. This makes the collection speak for itself. Surely the better things come in darker prints and patterns. This collection is basically an expression of prints in suitable designs. The inspiration of the collection is all about retro and prints. Most of the retro wears are based on prints which was a huge inspiration for the designer. I particularly love the simplicity of the retro and print inspired collection designer. I'm sure Nigeria hasn't seen the last of his work.

This is a definite thumbs up to this young, vibrant and  upcoming designer.
I try hard to religiously keep up to date on fashion trends and new collections. Its something I would love to do with ease. In a bid to be more religious, I decided to indulge in attending fashion related events. It was at the Retro Showoff 2015 that I met the host of the event. Who also happens to be the designer of the collection. I found him interesting and welcoming. Its not easy finding super talented people that are equally humble and friendly.

If you're looking to purchase any of his designs or any further enquieres this is his contact below:
 Ig: @ivreynold , @mezuestore
Photo Credits: Manny Jeferson

Reynold, the brains behind the design.

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  1. Love the collection! So cool!

    1. I love it too. I'm glad you love it. Thanks for your comment

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    1. I think so too :) Thanks for your comment.