Bo-Ho Vibes II

September 10, 2015 Unknown 5 Comments

Hey loves, before I start off, I'm pleased to announce that Fashion Redefined by seyi has purchased its own domain and is no longer I can't quite remember how long I have wanted this. I'm so glad it has finally happened. The feeling of having my domain is totally ecstatic. Truth is- I really don't have words to express how I feel. It has been hard, I wouldn't lie. Not enough support and all but I totally appreciate the little I get. It actually got me asking myself- Is there anything I'm not doing right?

I hope my post on how to pack your bags for a day tour was helpful? I got some positive feed back so I'm guessing some people liked it.

I've been recently loving bohemian inspired looks but in all about clean crisp edges and urban  pieces so I don't go for the usual stereotypical bohemian pieces. I've gone with this bohemian look before in this post. When I wore it here, it was more bohemian than now because of my choice of pieces and accessories.
I really love these white shorts. They've basically been my go-to shorts during most tours. They're super comfortable and I can style it up or dress it down to suit the occasion. The down side is that they get easily dirty because of the dust. 

The chiffon blouse was kind of a last minute decision. I bought this really cute off shoulder blouse that I planned to pair with the white shorts but I didn't travel with it :(
As for the shoes, I don't really have a choice. Kitengela is extremely dusty and I can't ruin my good shoes for anything in the world so I'm stuck with this black shoes and my red Levis converses but I don't wear them when I'm going to have to walk a long distance. I don't want to ruin them too.
I decided to go with purple lips not sure why but I just had s much love for the lipstick this particular day.

When I was picking out the accessories to pair with this look. I didn't want to look to flashy because the blouse said enough plus I was going ostrich riding and was trying to be careful not to aggravate the animals because of my flashy accessories. I simply went with my round hippie glasses, a floral crown because were all about nature loving, my gold neck braces, some gold bangles and an anklet.

What I love most about bohemian inspire looks is how you can just be personal with your style. If you're into ripped jeans and distress clothes then perfect but if you're in to my mind of style, awesome. Or better still, try playing around with the looks. Try wearing a crisp white blouse with a richly patterned maxi skirt and some knuckle rings. Just have fun with it.

So I'll love to know, would you try out bohemian inspired looks anytime soon? How would you wear your bohemian look? Like mine? Or your own way? Let me know in the comments.

Try as much as possible to have fun this weekend. Much LOVE.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Hanna Killman

I know, I'm such a big baby. I just had to have somefun and remind myself of what being a child feels like. I shamelessly had fun on this day. It was totally worth it.

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  1. Great outfit
    I really like your sunglasses

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  3. Lovely outfit, lovely pictures. Rocking it! Abeg forget shame. would have done the same.

    Mira La Belle

    1. Thank you soo much Ijenna. You trust now. I couldn't dull. I had to show the agbaya in