African Designer Muse: Sylvia Owori

October 05, 2015 Unknown 2 Comments

African designers are taking the world of fashion by storm. Our special kind of innovation and creativity has led us to the top of the ladder in the fashion industry. As great as our kind is, most people know nothing about African designers. Most young Africans have no idea how much waves are being made by African designers. They're to interested and invested in Western fashion. This is the reason of starting this segment on the blog. The idea is to promote African fashion designers. To tell you more about these talented designers.

Note to readers: information given out on this segment is based on extensive research and not provided by the designers. For complaints, additions and subtractions, please kindly do that via email to adenowoseyi@ymail.com. Thank You :D

Today's African Designer Muse is Slyvia Owori. Slyvia Owori is Ugandan. She's the CEO of one of the leading fashion houses in Africa. She is also the  Chairperson and Executive Officer at Ziper Modeling Agency now known as ZIPA. You rarely see a woman as successful and industrious as Sylvia that is family oriented. You don't have to know too much about her to know that she is the proud mother of two adorable boys. Before the name Sylvia Owori became a household name, the designer graduated with a Bachelors degree in Arts of Fashion design from the Newham College in London after which she returned to her home, Uganda, to start up a boutique.

Designing isn't something that is alien to Sylvia. She has been designing and manufacturing for herself and her friends. In 2000 she was selected to clothe the contestants of the MNet Face of Africa that took place in Dar es salaam and Cape Town. A year after, she was chosen to design the clothes worn by the finalist of the Nokia Face of Africa. For four consecutive years she handled the Ugandan Beauty Pageant. In 2004, she launched her fashion label which Gaines immediate recognition and respect within and outside African Shores. The following the year, she launched a magazine named African Woman Magazine centered around fashion, lifestyle, health and other issues relatable to the Eastern African woman. She has designed for some of the leading acts in the African music and movie industry. Slyvia Owori is the second designer after Dolce and Gabbana to be featured in a fashion show called Motocouture with Sylvia Owori.

I particularly adore this designer because she is independent, strong and an entrepreneur that never turns down a fashion risk and pulls practically every style off. This woman has single handedly succeeded in revolutionizing East African fashion, media, and entrepreneurial industry.

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