Oldies In Retrospect

August 28, 2015 Unknown 2 Comments

Hello there, how do you do? I hope you're having a swell week, making valuable use of your time? I’m sure you are. The oldies, all that is a retrospect of the past be it the 60s’, 70s’, 80s’, or 90s’. Most people mix vintage and antique concepts up but don't get it twisted. Not all that is old school is vintage. Some of these blast from the past looks are antique in fact. Let me break it down a bit. Antique items are mostly believed to have been in existence for about a hundred years but vintage items are mostly a decade or two old. Sometimes determining whether a dress is vintage or antique depends on the usefulness of a dress within the present era. For example, A dressing gown made with layers upon layers of clothes, linen, net and steel frames is more towards the 1930s’ which makes it antique but a designer gown made or designed to look like it was made in the 60s’  is vintage.
I did this little research when i was about to write this post. I did the shoot without really thinking through the concept of the post. Now i'm with my laptop, thinking about what i want to name the post and I’m not sure what the post title should be. ‘The good oldies’ was my initial thought but just then I discovered couldn't say if it was a vintage look. So I decided to ask my all knowing, reliable(except for those days when I don't have data or the network is tryna’ disrup’ ma flow) friend- GOOGLE. After much consultation, i discovered that there was a mix up and i fell into the category of those in the mix so i decided to read further.
I’m still not sure what to name the post but i should go with Oldies in Retrospect?: The difference between antiques and vintage. That should do.
The idea for this post was unknowingly given to me by Ayo Omokaroa of Conscious Release. He kept laughing at me when I bought the shorts from Retro addicts saying that I looked like a headmaster from the colonial era and instantly a light bulb lit in my head and I told him I was going to do the post even though he begged me not to. I decided to go with a pair of high waist shorts, a pink neon chiffon shirt, suspenders, my briefcase  inspired bag, my fedora hat, flats and block heels.

Some tips to take note of
When trying vintage inspired looks, try to take risks. The 60s’ through the 90s’ was all about being bold and daring. Mix and match patterns, fabrics and colours.

 Be calm when shopping for vintage clothes and assess every inch of the item. Most vintage clothes are thrifted and some of them might be torn or faded. If youre not into that you can try buying from Retro Addicts here or Retro Religion here.

Have fun with the dress and be you. I didn't go too vintage because i love clean cut edges. I picked modern pieces because that's just the kind of person I am. If you're into complicated cuts and patterns then go for it.
Finally, personalize your look, Just own it.

In my opinion this look is super chic and cute if your looking to make a statement or an impression in an event.I hope the post was helpful?  What do you think about it? Yay or Nay? I would love to know your views in the comments below.

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  1. I prefer the outfit with the heels. This is by far my best outfit post yet!

  2. I love the shorts and the glasses, really chic