Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week 2015

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The 6th edition of  The Kenya Worldwide Fashion Week 2015 was a date with Kenyan history fr0m the 29th - 30th of August 2015. This grand event took place at the Royal Orchid Hotel in the Westlands, Nairobi Kenya. The fashion show was going to showcase the works of 13 designers cutting across continents. Europe, asia, America and Africa.
The designers The would have their work on the runway are: Deepak Perwani (Pakistan), David Tlale (South Africa), Lisete Silvandira (Angola), Sonam Goel (India), Sougat Paul (India), Kingsley Nwosu (Nigeria), Whitney Grace (Uganda), Nupur Kanoi (India), Barbara I Gongini (Denmark), Lequan Smith (USA), Pratima Pandey (India), Wanjiku & Wangeci by Claddi (Kenya) and Kogo Wear (Kenya).
All fashion lovers and enthusiasts made their way to this event. Not to forget some international delegates from pakistan, india, United Kingdom, The US of A, Angola, South Africa, Uganda and our very own Kingsley Nwosu of KCNG was the only designer Representing our very great nation.
There's a certain pride that comes along with being the only one of your kind in an international event, Fashion Redefined was the only Nigerian fashion/media platform in attendance and the only Nigerian Fashion blog to cover the event.
Just before the fashion show commenced there was an exhibition. An avenue for the designers, not only, but fashion brands and stores to display their designs for sale. I saw a couple of dresses i would have loved to add to my wardrobe but they were Haute Couture and obviously above my budget.
Fashion Redefined also got to go backstage to witness how all these magical pieces constituting of models, makeup artists, hairstylists, the fashion show team, photographers, videographers, stage technicians and engineers fall into place to create a flawless and world standard fashion show.
The event was crawling with celebrities, bloggers, journalists, writers for top magazines and newspapers, reporters and some members of the international diplomatic corps. It was definitely a glamorous affair.
No one needs to be told that the team in charge of organizing the 6th edition of the Kenyan Worldwide Fashion week surpassed many expectations. From the exhibition to the dinner to the lights and cameras, every detail of the program was well coordinated by the organizers with everybody's needs met.
The MC did justice to the event. She made it worth remembering with her hilarious use of sarcasm and bluntness. Her accent and command of literature kept me wanting more of what the show had to offer. Im sure I wasnt the only one with this opinion.

Side Story
I was opportuned to be the official photographer for Kingsley Nwosu and this kind of ‘gave me mouth’ at the event. Dining with Deepak Perwani, David Tlale,  Barbara I Gongini, was so much fun. These world class designers are a whole lot friendlier than they initially appeared. I’m here sitting with people that have had their works appear in new york fashion week, milan fashion week and mercedes fashion week and they are acting like i’ve known them for years. Wow! Talk about humility.
For those looking to go into fashion designing, a quote from Deepak Perwani that would help you excel,
¨What makes your work as a designer perfect and stand out is the cut of the arm. It is the hardest part to know how to cut. It is the arm hole that defines the dress and makes it worth being called world class¨
-Deepak Perwani.

So far, the Kenyan fashion week has been the most exciting moment for me. I think I should make a list of things i want to do before i'm 30 and this is number one. Check!. Moving on.

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Photo Credit: Kipsome Kerry

Deepak Perwani

 Sonam Goel

Laquan Smith

Whitney Grace

Nupru Kanoi

Sougat Paul

Lisete Pote

Kingsley Nwosu

Barbara I Gongini

PHOTO CREDIT: Adenowo Oluwaseyi

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  1. Beautiful designs, lovely pictures, and a very good write up. I think you killed it! You got essential pictures. What camera did you use?

    1. Thank you so much Ijenna. I used a Canon EOS 1000D