Hey there, September: "Think happy, Stay happy"

September 03, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Hello September, nice to finally meet you.

While writing this post I was relaxed. Basking under the sunshine and enjoying September's cool breeze. So my motivation for September is "Think Happy, Stay happy". Today was kind of a reminisce  of the past year. It has been amazing so far. I got to really understand myself. I've always known that you are a reflection of your thoughts but I haven't worked towards it. I asked my boyfriend once how is it that some people are always happy and smiling and how it seem like they have no worries. He said, its better to have a 'frownie face' and be totally at peace with yourself and happy with who you are than smiling 24/7 and having the ability to kill.
I used to wish I was like those people that smiled a lot but I figured, I don't smile so much but I love myself and am happy with myself. Then I changed my perspective. Think happy, Stay happy because really in the world we are today, with the way things happen and the way changes occurs without warning and most times to your disadvantage, its not to easy to stay positive but its possible.
So this month and the rest of the year is going to be about dwelling on my positive thoughts. Goodbye negativity! Positive vibes only! LoL I hope I'm not becoming a hipster.

I'm going to learn how to love the situations I find myself and learn how to change what I can change.

I'm going to learn how to take more chances and this time on people. I never really try hard when it comes to meeting people and staying in touch. So I'm going to learn how to do that. 

Plus I recently discovered that I love sunflowers, red roses and daffodils. Still learning more about flowers.
I'm extremely grateful for how far I've gone because honestly, I didn't think I had the will to go this far (details withheld).

So this was what I wore for the Retro Showoff 2015 
Outfit Detts
Top|| Mr Price
Shorts|| Bell Feed
Sandals|| Diva house of accessories
Bag|| can't remember 
Accessories|| Mr price, Diva house of accessories

So I want to know, what is September going to be like for you or what do you want it to be all about?

Photo Credits: Ijenna Osuji & Sharon John-Akachi

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