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My Travel Journal: The Nairobi Snake park + Outfit Post

August 27, 2015 Unknown 2 Comments

I went on this tour to the Nairobi snake park and Botanical gardens the same day I went to the Nairobi National Museum. It was kind of fun. I wasn't too intrigued but it wasn't so bad. I guess its because I've seen most of the snake species they had. They had Egyptian Cobras, Black Mambas, Naked Mambas, Python's, Rattle Snake's, Turtles, tree snakes, rock snakes, Puff adders, crocodiles, Gold fishes,  about two species of Tilapia, catfish and so much more. I really wasn't impressed. I really wanted to see an Anaconda but they didn't have one.

What really got me intrigued was the botanical garden. I'm a nature loving, non tree-hugging person. So this place was amazing. It had a rich variety of plant species. Most of which are common in the Kenyan ecological system. The sounds of the birds and the breeze rustling the leaves of trees added to the beauty this garden had to offer.

 I had lunch at this really fancy restaurant, can't quiet remember the name but it was incredibly affordable and had a variety of intercontinental dishes. I just went safe with chips, chicken, sauce and  sukuma wiki (stewed spinach). It wasn't bad at all.
I wanted to spend the whole day here. A drink in one hand and a book in the other but I couldn't. I was so happy I came here at the end.

I went simple with a black hi- low Long sleeve blouse and my black culottes. I decided to finish up the look with my black sneakers and Mac Douglas rope bag. I was going for simple, comfortable and cute. I think I pulled it off. Do you?
After the spending the whole day at Nairobi, it was time to get back on the road for another hour. The stress was definitely worth it.

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  1. i thought anacondas were only found in South America? nice review though.

  2. Wow its awesome its seems you did enjoy a lot when people see your memories they will definitely make plan to go to Nairobi for those people i have Cheap Nairobi Flights.