My Travel Journal: Nairobi National Museum

August 25, 2015 Unknown 2 Comments

Before I start I would like to congratulate Ijenna of Mira La Belle blog on becoming a year. Its an accomplishment. Most people might not know but its really hard to own a blog. It's one thing to have a blogspot and it's an entirely different thing to manage one. So her turning one is worth celebrating.
Among all the other things I love is traveling. I love sight seeing and grab literally any opportunity I get when it come to that. Since the summer began I haven't done much apart from learning how to sew. About a few moths ago I applied for an internship program with AIESEC and got posted to Kenya for 8 weeks.
During my stay here I'm going to make the most use of my time traveling and exploring Kenya.
Today I visited the Nairobi National Museum. I live in Kitengela which is about an hour from Nairobi. The journey was quiet fast. Walking though Nairobi I got to feast my eyes on Kenya's rich culture. the diversity of people living here and  how busy the city was. After a while my room mate and I got lost. Did I forget to mention? My roommate is Anna from Germany. So I suggested that we consult Lonely Planet- about the most insightful guide on Kenya. I thought I got it fight and before long we were lost again. After a few minutes a God-sent tour guide noticed us struggling and helped us. The walk from Moi Avenue to University Way was about 50 minutes and finally we arrived at the museum.
The entree fees was about 1200 shillings. And so our journey through the walls of Kenyan history, the evolution of man, cycles of live began. At some points it felts like I was back in time where all these events that shaped Kenya happened. I especially love the art gallery but we were restricted from taking pictures.
So here are some of the pictures from the museum.
I hope you liked the post.

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  1. Wow! Firstly, thanks so much for the mention :D
    The Museum looks really artistic but the one of the ape looking humans *coughs* evolution *coughs* is sort of creepy. Love the post overall.

    1. You're welcome. I found the evolution theory quiet annoying. Only the Black's evoked from apes!? Hnnm! Just wandering. In all I loved the museum and found it really interesting. Thanks for your comment.