Review: Flawless by Sonya

July 01, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Hey there, how's your week going? Great I hope. I’ve been feeling the incessant urge to post a review but due to my mild lack of confidence in my readers I thought, what’s the point of posting a review if no one’s going to read it anyways but no more. I have a few followers and I’ll write to them even though they don’t comment much but oh well. Love you guys loads.

Enough with my ranting.

Today’s review post would be focusing on the Flawless make up line by Sonya. Sonya is a makeup brand that is a huge part of the Forever® Aloe Vera product line. What I love about Sonya product is its natural contents. Most make up brands out there have contents that are harmful to the skin but Sonya products have been influenced by the goodness of Aloe Vera with innovations that nature and science have to offer. The beauty of these products is that it simple encourages women to explore their individual perception of beauty. I have enough Flawless by Sonya make up but you can never have enough of Aloe Vera. Can you? You have to check out their site and order their products.

Some products I’ve used and strongly recommend
BB Crèmes*
Cream to powder

Delicate finishing powder

Delicious lipsticks
Perfect pair eye shadows

Concealer duets

Luscious lips color

Defining lip and eye Pencils

Brilliant blushes

Mineral make up

Mascaras- Volumizing; Lengthening

 *- indicates Sonya products I haven't used. 
If you're interested in any of these products, a business dinner would be held this weekend. So just let me know if you're interested my sending me an email  at

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