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June 24, 2015 Unknown 6 Comments

Hi there!  Been a while. Hope you guys missed me. Well,  If you didn't. I missed you all. Summer is not exactly what I expected. I envisioned my summer after graduation on an island maybe in the Caribbeans' sipping cocktails and just having a swell time. 
that's not happening. It's been rainy and I've been working my but off *sigh* (guess that's why it's all in my head). 
In that "Fun in the Sun" spirit,  I decided to post something with a little Bo-Ho vibe. I love this look because it's sexy  effortless and easy to pull off.  I love the way the it just fits.  I have two friends that don't even have to try when it comes to being bohemian. (IJenna & Ayo)

I selected a couple of accessories to pair with the look to give it different purposes. I wore it here as a beach wear. Paired it with this kente slippers I got from Ghana. This is something anyone can wear for a fun day at the beach or to visit a friend.
I wore it here with a pair on nude platform heels which make the look appropriate for a formal purpose.  I can now be worn to lunch at a fancy restaurant or as a dinner outfit for the not-so-girly girl.
Finally,  I teamed it with a pair of Aztec chuck sandals with gold details and a pair of hippie glasses.  It's a little bit dressed down now.  You can wear it for a mall outing or a see a movie without looking too "out there" .
The most amazing thing about this Bo-Ho look is that you can dress it up and down out the same time and still look as fabulous.
I hope this post was helpful.  I would love to see how you've refined this look.  Just send it to my email.  I would have another Bo-Ho or hippie post and the best would be featured.
Don't hesitate to comment below. You comments would be appreciated. Cheers!

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  1. Oooooosssshhhheeeey Turn uP... Look at you looking all frosh and eatable... iTrip biko... Black is definitely your thing biko... You go girl... **shouting and **jumping iTrip iTrip iTrip iTrip **wears Mr. Nigeria smile...

    1. LoL! Thanks 😀. I like the way you comment.

    2. Oooooosssshhhheeeey Turn uP.... Yaaayyyyyyyy Gang... she Replied... Mehnnn ayam doing back flips in my head right about now eh... Thanks Seyi toh Fine bi Angeli lo... iBlush... :)

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  3. Love the post! Definitely feeling the outfit. My best shoes is the sandal, I think it suits the outfit best. Thanks so much for the mention :D
    What's your email address? So I can send the picture(s). Please try and get in touch

    Mira La Belle

    1. My bad, I thought I dropped my email. Its adenowoseyi thanks you soi much for the cimmemts . you're welcome for the mention. Its true you're my inspiration for the while bo-ho thing.