Inspiration: Under the weather

May 05, 2015 Unknown 4 Comments

This term is normally used when by people “Nigerians” when they are feeling sick but are afraid to accept due to religious affiliations. Don’t get it twisted people…I was in no “way under the weather”. I guess I settled for the name because when I woke up all feeling like a cup of sunshine the sun wasn’t shining. It was about to rain so I decided to play along with Mother Nature. I selected cool dull colors. I went with a washed shade of mint green, grey, black and nude. I’m a hundred percent sure many of you are familiar with my nude shoes. I’m not going to stop wearing then any time soon.
Outfit deets
Top|| A gift
Pants|| Mango
Shoes|| Zara woman
Clutch|| Atmosphere

Picture time! *in a high pitched hysterical voice*

I would love to know if you would wear this outfit and what you think about it. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Lovely pictures. I really like the mint top with the belt. The fact that you made it look really chic earned you a thumbs up. Nice job!

    Mira La Belle

    1. Thanks dear. Your comments are encouraging.

  2. Cute outfit! :)

  3. Like your outfit. for fiction stories