Androgyny... In a mix?

July 03, 2015 Unknown 5 Comments

Meaning? A combination of both masculine and feminine attributes both in fashion, gender identity and overall lifestyle. I believe people aren't made to be restricted to boxes or opinions. The world has evolved to that stage where a  woman can look fabulous in ¨menswear¨. I refuse to accept the notion that anyone's style should be determined by gender because the truth is, so many people don't fall neatly on ¨masculine¨ or feminine on the gender style spectrum. This look is a combination of ¨masculine¨ pieces and feminine flavor. hence my choice of colors. I didn't want to go with the stereotypical dull colors attached with androgyny. People these days are too accustomed to the status quo or what ever the celebs say or do but  in real truth humans are meant to be individual with their opinions or choices.

Outfit Detts   
cropped top || D-signed  
Blazer || Reyon
Jeans || Hermes
Shoes || Bamboo
Accessories || Divas

me and my fake shakiti bobo

Would love to know your views. Feel free to drop your comments below. Much love.

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  1. Love the jeans!

    1. Thanks *blush*. I'm a huge fan by the way.

  2. Epic!! Good pictures too! I don't even know how to dance that shakiti bobo thingie sef.
    Love the outfit!

    Mira La Belle

    1. Babe thanks! I'm still learning to lol. Wanted to call but I'm too rich and I have too much credit. I'll call when I can.

  3. Cool pics. keep it up dear! for fiction stories