Today's Look: Ball Gown

March 22, 2015 Unknown 2 Comments

I decided to try something a little different today. I'm not going to say what it is yet (for personal reasons). Today's shoot was kinda funny. You wouldn't believe but there was a light drizzle during the shoot. I almost gave up but Ademide was there to encourage me. 
I choose a ball gown today cos I've been feeling like a princess lately. I paired it with a Blue and black clutch purse to add a little spice in a bid not to look like a vampire with the red and black. Lol!
                     Outfit Dett's  
                       Dress|| Preise
                    Poncho|| Pre Una
                        Shoe|| Moody
                          Bag|| DSN Accessories 
               Wristwatch|| Sekonda
                         Ring|| Forever 21
If you've noticed, I don't really wear regular designers. Most of my clothes are from Turkey, Dubai and Vietman. 

                                               With Love,

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  1. Love the dress. Clear pictures! :D You want to put us on suspense abi? What different thing did you try?


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