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April 15, 2015 Unknown 2 Comments

My inspiration? Chess! I’ve loved the game for as long as I can remember. What I love most about it is the level of intensity, focus and competition between the players. I find it sexy. I believe that  most chess players are tact, cunning and what Nigerians describe as “Sharp Guys” (regarding to both men and women). Enough about Chess. I hope this explains the black and white. The purple lipstick was all the color I needed. The gold accent’s (the zipper on the blazer, accessories and shaded) adds a zest of just the right amount of class to complete the look. Down to the outfit details.
Outfit Deets
Blazer|| Reyone
Midi Skirt||…
Belt||Gotten from Jumoke Olubiyi
Shoe||Zara Woman
Accessories|| Wristwatch- Sekonda; Ring- Forever 21

I’m so sorry I haven’t been available to put things up on the blog. School and exams have taken the bulk of my time but fear not summer is around the corner. I promise my undivided attention to you all. I got a friend who is a photographer to help take my picture. I hope this reduces the complains about the pictures being blurry.

With Love,
Photo Credits

Deolu Photography

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  1. Epic pictures! Nice write up. Love the "get similar stuff here" section. Definitely my favoutite outfit post.