Happy New Year!

January 01, 2015 Unknown 1 Comments

Happy New Year beautiful people! Wow! 2015... I'm so happy we all crossed into this year victoriously. I'm my church, this year was declared the year of triumph. The only criteria that ensures your eligibility to triumph this year is to be truthful and sincere in all our endeavours...that's part of my new resolution*wink*
The thing about new year resolutions is the most people just make them because every other person does it. Someone was like "bitch please...you're still gonn' be the same hoe you were last year". No hating or negativity, but sadly that's most people's story. You'll make a bunch
 of resolutions that you don't plan to follow. Please don't let that be your story this year. The ultimate resolutions for the coming year as prescribed by yours truly...Moi are:
1) Plan to triumph and to do that, you need to be truthful. 
2) Try to search for what makes you happy. Ultimate pursuit of happiness is the most important thing you need. 
3) Don't be a "follow follow". My dear friend, where you are today is where someone else aspires to be. Love who you are. Be original. The funniest thing is that those you want to follow crave to have some part of you life. It could be the simplicity in your life, the love your family shows you or the fact that you have real. friends. So be #uninfluenced by other peoples lives. 
4) Learn to give. It dosent have to be money. It could be a hug, kiss, a smile or a piece of advice.
5) Give back to society. Get involved in community service. Stop blaming the government for all your problems. Change starts with you. 
6) Pray. It's opens doors. 
7) Stay fabulous. ALWAYS!

The official #1st outfit of the year. Enjoy!

The winners of the Christmas bonanza competition are: Ijenna osuji and Joulitte. Congrats! I'll let you in on details as to how to claim your shopping voucher. I would also like to use this opportunity to give special recognition to Sonia Dawariboko. She has been so supportive  through out last year. Thank you!

If you didn't win, don't worry more competitions would come up during the year. 

If you want a special feature in upcoming Style Limelight™ posts during the year just put down your name and number in the comments. 
Also if there's anything you want me to talk about, blog, promote or anything you want to see during the year just let me know in the comments. Afterall, I'm here to make you happy. 

Happy New Year once again!
                                                Love you!


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1 comment:

  1. Yaaaaay!!!!! I won! *Does her victory dance*
    I agree with numbers 3, 5 & 6. Totally!
    Nice outfit...seriously, Your hair is on point.
    I have qualms about publishing numbers in the comments. I'd like to see more fashion articles. Like may be posts on clothing articles. More inspirational stuff and lastly, beauty reviews.
    I think you are doing a fab job, keep going strong!