Today's Casual- 1 dress, 2 styles, 2 outfits.

January 02, 2015 Unknown 3 Comments

My second post of the year! Hey peeps! Hope y'all are having a swell time celebrating the new year? There's nothing like having your first outing of the year with friends. That's why today's post would be centred on causals. 
Casuals can be anything you want it to be- simple, comfortable, fun, sexy, edgy, classy, vintage and a lot more. I think this is my first post in casuals. It's because I don't go out much. I'm an inside kinda person but not because I don't like going out...I think I'm just too lazy to. I love casuals because you can mash up clothing items to form your own style. Something I notice about wearing casuals is that there's that one dress or pairs of jeans or  jacket or shoes or accessory you can't live without. Is it so bad to repeat clothes!? Well, I think not. That's one one condition though, if you're able to wear that clothing item in many ways. 
                Outfit Detts'
               Dress|| Timing 
                 Shirt|| XOXO
       Denim shirt|| UNIQCO
               Shoes|| Amiegao
                   Hat|| ...
          Jewellery|| Necklace- BeBe,     bangles- ..., wristwatch- Swatch. 

 Mixing things up a bit with denim

Feeling 'Fly' I'm surprised my brother got the shot. 

Hope you like the post?
                                               With Love,


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  2. I love the two looks! lovely! Those green shoes are awesome! I prefer casual looks too so I can totally relate. I think I'll try to dress up more this year. New year, New me. Or whatever...