My Trip To Ghana

January 22, 2015 Unknown 3 Comments

Ok, so while everyone was struggling to readjust to work/school life I decided to take a trip to Ghana. I started my holiday right after it ended but trust me my trip wasn't just to lounge by the seaside and drink lemonade. I travelled to Ghana for a United Nations Model Confrence. My experience was amazing. It was a gathering of intellectuals from all corners of Africa aimed at intergrating different stances on pressing issues facing the world, sitting at the feet of ambassadors, high commissioners and notable scholars. Personally, I learnt a lot about how the UN operates. Enough about me boring you with diplomatic talk. On to "picture time"

Getting ready to leave Lagos.

Breakfast time!

Out with Atinuke. 

The Akwaba Global Cultural exchange. Wish I had more pictures from this night. Was too busy being the MC that I forgot to take pictures *eyes rolling*
Taking selfies with Ellen and Jumoke at the General Assembly Plenary Session. Please don't judge me. Selflove is not a crime. Lol!

Group picture of the American ambassador, High commissioner of India, German Ambassador, Chinese ambassador, representatives from the UN Information Center and other officials of the GIMUN 2015. 

I even got to take a selfie with the Amerian ambassador to Ghana! 
Waiting for the real work to begin...so I toke another selfie with Ore Moj, Ellen and the Canadian delegate photo bombing.
WHO committee session. Delegations, debates, arguments, positions, resolutions and amendments being made.
Day3: about to receive diplomatic lectures before separating into committees. 

And as usual...we couldn't just help but to take pictures. Lol!
Ademide making a speech during a session of the security council! Looking dapper!

And finally all delegations are over, resolutions and amendments done. I loved my commitee and the delegates not forgetting the Chair but so far the most intriguing delegates were those representing Greece, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, Germany, Italy, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Canada, India, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Algeria. 

Special recognition and award. Our very own Ellen even got an award for best position paper for the WHO.

Day 4- took an early morning stroll with Ademide. It was so chilly

While others where out here. I was shopping and doing a little bit of sight seeing and shopping with my friends. 

had so much fun! Later went for a midnight movie. 

Waiting for the bus *sad face*. I wish I could stay longer. Ademide, Abbas, Tosin 
and I got jumpy so we decide to make our last pictures in Legon mid-air pictures. 

On the road again! We Babcock student know how to travel in style. We practically shopped, danced, played and took pictures across each boarder. So far, this is my best experience as a Babcock student. Here are some of the pictures:

Ghanian food is definitely mouth watering 

Jara: I learnt a new way to cook rice. 

Hope y'all enjoyed my blog post. I would be more that thrilled to get response and answer questions. Later!

                                               With Love,

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  1. This is lovely :) I especially love the one of you guys jumping. Y'all sure had fun despite Ghana's high standard of living *raised brows* Lovely pictures•

  2. Thanks dear. : ) as for the high standards, they definitely were but we just had to look for the fun.

  3. This has to be my best post yet. Good work on the pictures.