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December 21, 2014 Unknown 1 Comments

Fashion is universal and yet everyone has  he's or her unique style. It's incredible the level of individualism involved in personal style. Style limelight brings to focus individual vogue. Accessing regular peoples take on fashion, fashion lifestyle and a lot more. 

Today's style limelight would be focusing on Ada, a lover of fashion. I adore her style. It's timeless, chic and elegant. Let's get to know our fashionista. 

Her Name
Anumnu Ada. Her friends call her Ada. 

Student at Babcock University. 

Dancing, watching movies and reading novels. 

How would you describe your kind of fashion?
My kind of fashion could be simple but classy,sometimes it could be sophisticated but most importantly I have to be comfortable. 

In one word or sentence what does fashion mean to you?

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My mom. 

Who are your favourite designers?
No favorites. I see something good,I go for it but preferably Lord and Taylor. 

Where do you shop?
Ross,lord and Taylor factory,TJ max,dress barn,Ann Taylor among others. 

What fashion trends do you follow?
Honestly, none. 

You're a lover of time less fashion. Yeah?
Yes exactly. 

What fashion item can't you live 
That would be my anklet. 

Immediately you think of dressing up what out fit would you put together?
A dress, Not too short but moderate with a pair of really nice flat sandals and a medium sized hand bag. That's if it's just a casual outing. 
For a dinner: everyone wants to wear a dress but I will go for a jumpsuit and one of pointy pumps. 

How much do you love fashion?

Mum thinks I'm a fashion freak but I look at it as looking good. But on a scale of 100, lets go with 70. 

Conclusively, Ada's style is trendy, unique, classy and trés chic. Her cute outfits and evolving style individualism is definitely Limelight™ worthy. 

Your thoughts?

Credits: Ijenna Osuji

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1 comment:

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