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I got the idea of the name of this post from an upcoming event that I plan to cover. So, Uninfluenced. From the name it's quiet easy to decipher what I'm talking about. I for one believes that everyone should be Uninfluenced by life, pressure, norm and most especially haters. Dare to me unique. It's quiet simple- Be yourself! And that doesn't mean you have to create the excuse that copying others is a way of expressing your self. That's just bullcrap (excuse my language). Learn to love yourself. It's important because it's hard to love other people completely if you don't love yourself. Take out time to praise yourself.  It's a sure confidence booster. It's not being vein...Trust me. How do I know its true? 
I used to be ugly. I was sick, my blood was infected with fungia. It affected my skin. Weird infections and reactions used to spring up all over my skin and most especially my face. Most people might not remember but I kinda didn't have a lipline. My lips were just puffy, dry, scaly and white (not pale, white). I hated my face! I heard once that you could get what you want just by praying about it and calling yourself that name. So everyday after bathing I would stand in front of the mirrow and say "seyi you are beautiful". I got so used to it that I didn't even resize when I started looking good. Now, I'm sure I'm beautiful and I'm proud of it. Proud to be me. Proud to be the woman I've become. Stay Uninfluenced!

                                                Love you,

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  1. Seyi. You are exaggerating. Firstly, you were never ugly. Secondly you had normal skin before you had the fungi infection. Yes, the "ugliness" was in your head. Thirdly, we would never forget the nonexistent lip line. Haha. You made it work tho. Apparently the self-praise thingie works.
    While this is a nice write up and very encouraging, I think it's impossible. Life is a cycle. One thing leads to another and one thing influences everything and it's just not possible to be secluded. But self esteem is another matter. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.
    Nice outfit, rocking those heels.

    1. Ijenna if I punch you ehn...lol. But jokes apart, that was how I really felt. Thanks though.

  2. Love the pants ... Great writeup

    1. Thank you Juliet, your comments are really encouraging.