Styling Up Ill Fitting T's

December 13, 2014 Unknown 3 Comments

It amazes me when ladies slimfit their ill fitting T-shirts. Not all that isn't fitted is bad... Trust me. There are a number of ways to study up that drab looking        T-shirt without looking like a slop. 
I'm going with an I❤️Babcock University T shirt because I actually love Babcock. Oshey Eagles graduating class!✌️

Knee high stockings just because I'm a knee high kinda gal. I picked this particular stockings because I believe it kinda gives the look character. 
I threw on chunky accessories to 
make the look edgy.

No make-up...just a little bit of lipstick. The thing is, I love make up but I just don't like wearing it. 

I thought about using a big bag but I'm really Pettit. The big bag would probably overshadow the outfit so I went with a simple black Micheal Kors purse. 

Believe me... I'm not sure what I was trying to pull off. But I was feeling like a model. (Yimu in 3D) lol 

Hope y'all enjoyed today's post? Love you! 
There would be a Christmas bonanza coming up soon so keep updated on the latest post if you want to win. 

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  1. Nice outfit. Love the edgy look. But ild like to point out that I don't think your t-shirt is ill fitting. It's just baggy/over-sized. Love the poses especially the modelling one. Good stuff.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you @ijennaosuji @julliet even though I felt kinda silly strutting those poses.