Rock Climbing

December 08, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

I'm a lover of nature. Maybe too much of a lover because the littlest magnificence of nature amazes me. So recently I decided go mountain climbing. I actually planned to go to Erin ijesha but my boyfriend refused to take me there so I had to compromise and agreed to go to Olumo rock. 

It dosent look like a lot of work but trust is. Anyways it was kinda hard picking out what to wear. I wanted to wear something stylish and at the same time safe for climbing. At the end of the day after turning my wardrobe inside-out I came up with this look
It's not much... Woulda done more but I was trying not to fall and look pretty at the same time( I think I tried)
I picked the neon pink chiffon because I want to look bright and feel free plus the weather just felt pink. The dull shorts just to calm the look down and the kicks because I was rock climbing.  

A few pictures from my trip. Enjoy!

I actually climbed through the rock. It was amazing!
I came out of the rock through here and proceeded to the top of the rock. 

We were forced to take this picture. Lol

I know I've not been consistent with my posts and I'm sorry. Recent circumstances haven't agreed with me but hopefully I should be back on my feet soon. Thanks for your patience. 

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