My Little Red Dress

August 07, 2015 Unknown 6 Comments

What's the happs peeps? So recently I had an outing. I’m talking about church. Sunday services have always been an outing to me. I’m not the outside kinda geh. I was totally confused on what to wear. I had the option or wearing a wine lace and chiffon dress or wearing a pair of high waist jeans and a blazer.

My Sunday outfits are usually pre-planned… in my head. After having my bath and doing my make up I tried the wine lace dress first. I didn't like it so I tried the jeans and blazer and I felt like I looked fat in it. I hate when this happens because I end up bringing all my clothes out of my wardrobe in a bid to find an outfit. So I started, I kept trying on stuff but nothing felt comfortable. I wasn't sure what look i was going for. I wasn't even sure why I was being extra careful with picking out a dress. I guess its because we were going to the main church to worship and I didn't want to run into any of my old friends looking drab.

30 minutes after, my older sister came to my room already dressed. The fact that she was already dressed before me meant I was dead meat because she's usually the last to get dressed because of her make up. She kept telling me to hurry up that the cab was almost here. I’m not sure what happened after that. All I know is that I just threw on a dress and grabbed the first purse on my bag rack and my usual go-to shoes and ran out of the room. I didn't realize how cute I looked until I got to church and passed through this hall way that i love. And why do i love this hall way? ….The walls are made of mirrors. Yes, I’m vain and proud of it. When I looked at myself, i was like, ¨Damn girl!¨. There and then i decided to do a blog post. During the service I couldn't wait to get home so I could start taking pictures (Does that make me a bad person?) When I got home , that was exactly what i did

Outfit detts
Red Dress|| Gift from my aunt
Shoes|| Zara
Bag|| No name but was a gift from my mum
What do you think about the look? A hit or a miss? I would love to know if you would try this look. Do you want to add anything? Just leave it in the comments.

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  1. lool, its a hit, hitter, hittest mehn. You kelt(past tense of killed) it. lol

    1. Lool! Thanks toyin. I'm glad you liked it

  2. Nawa o. When did i turn to toy in? Lol. Kindly join my blog on bbm. Just search for and you wont regret it. Thanks in advance

  3. This is Beautiful...I love everything am seeing.... Cool blog design... Beautiful dresses, lovely smile... The passion... I can feel lot of energy inside you.. Keep it up dear..