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What Do Adults Really Do?

July 25, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

When you get to a certain age, it is necessary for you to drop your childish ways and be "mature". They say you either learn it or it comes naturally but my question is...Does it really come naturally? Do adults miss their mums and dads to the point of tears? Is there really an age to stop missing your parents? Is there an age when an adult shouldn't need or find relevance in his parents? I never want to be irrelevant. Do adults get into things and get tired right after? Do adults get intimidated? Aren't they supposed to be stronger? So if all the adults are strong-willedwho's weak? Do adults get jealous of silly things? Do they wish they could visit their friends or have a new squad? Aren't they supposed  to be content or better still satisfied with their lives? Do adults feel the need to be fit in? Do they try to rediscover themselves? Or should that have been done when they were in their teens? Do adults have crushes? Shouldn't they be looking for commitment? Do adults get manipulated? Shouldn't they be able to handle some certain things like manipulation? Do adults still have time to grow up? Do adults have everything figured out? Then why do some of them have midlife crisis? Do adults try hard to get the slightest bit of attention? And how should they do it?
These and many more are my questions. I want to really know. I want to understand and really understand. Do I read about it? Do I meet an adult to answer me? Don't adults have their lives to live? Do I really need an answer? Well, someone answer me! Do I? I guess I don't. I guess I have to wait and see what happens. I guess I shouldn't try to get all the answers now. guess this is what they call the beauty of the unexpected.

But do I want to wait?

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