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Graduation has finally come and gone. The long awaited stepping stone into the ¨real world¨. Your life as a student  has finally passed. So the next question is- What NEXT?. For  some, its just to chill at home, lounge, hang out with friends in a bid to take a vacation from stress and shortening the wait for service or more school. For other it's learning a trade or skill. This season the top choices are make up artistry, fashion school, bead making, shoe making, catering or cooking classes, driving school, and what not. For the dream-chasers it's doing what they weren't able to do when they were younger. For them, this is an avenue to pure unsupervised, unchaperoned, void of regrets freedom. For the career-minded, it's hustling to get a job. Resume composition, job hunts, interviews, tests and so on.

As for me, I think I fall into about three of the categories.

so  you submitted your resume and got called for an interview an are getting ready for that possible date with destiny? here a few tips i feel you should take note of.
*You can take my advice because I’m certified plus I’m a graduate of the Poise Graduate Finishing Academy. We were made to take classes. I thought it was going to be boring and tiresome but at the end, I fell in love with the lectures and couldn't wait for the next. Not surprisingly, all the thing I learnt have been totally useful.

Proper preparation: There's nothing like proper preparation. When you're preparing make sure you know enough about the organization. its vision and mission. Read through your resume so it doesn't look like you're using someone else's CV. Just own it. Read about the requirements of the job you applied for. Get everything you need ready two days before your interview. Things you need are  a printed out copy of your resume, your certificates (sometimes your employers can be impossible and ask for proof), your outfit and the location of the interview. Prayer is an essential part of your preparation.
¨By failing to prepare, you are planning to fail.
-Benjamin Franklin
Get your confidence on- Most interviewers just need to see that you're confident about what you're saying. you might not be sure of what you're saying but that should be your little secret. Smile. Not like a crazy person but a warm welcoming smile. keep eye contact but be sure to blink at intervals so you dont creep your interviewer.

Relax- Whoever is interviewing you wouldn't bite. So just relax. You can listen to music or read a magazine to ease off the tension before the interview starts. Try not to fold your hands during the interview. It shows that you're tense or uncomfortable. But because i said relax doesn't mean you should cross your legs on the table or start making tea or something Oh. When you're relaxed, it makes you time to assimilate and confidently answer questions thrown at you.

You need company- By company, i don't mean you should bring your whole squad along. Trust me some babes can do it. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. What i mean is, you need something that can get your mind out of the tense state it is and to while away time. Because the interview time says 8:00am doesn't mean it would start at 8. There's a possibility that you can be in that lobby waiting till 12 noon. Hence the need for company. I suggest music, a really good book, a magazine and whatever makes  you happy.

Your Bag- This tip is for girls. You need a big bag. Why? so you can put all your stuff inside. There are some things i feel need to be inside your bag. First, your important documents. Then, hand sanitizer, moisturizing lotion (cos of the A/C), light make up, paper handkerchiefs, your slippers, shades, a snack (you might get hungry), your really good book or magazine. A plus is that your bag can serve as a footstool.

Body language and Dressing- This important because first impression matters. When you get inside the room enter with a smile; greet the interviewer or the panel; wait to be offered a seat; then you seat. For girls, it's advisable not to cross your legs; sit upright at all times. From time to time try to use hand gestures. Try as much as possible to use mild make up and  have a nice up-do it makes you look efficient. As for colors, try to dial the notch down a bit but if you’re applying for the job of a creative director, fashion designer or presenter you can wear as much colors as you want.

I feel this should be enough for today. If i left anything out don't hesitate to let me know in the comments. I hope this post was helpful.

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