Tribute to a Great Man

December 01, 2014 Unknown 0 Comments

Adedayo Adenowo Lives on!

I really don't know what to say. I guess it's because I never saw myself in this position...not in a million years. I just thank God for your life because you were not an ordinary man. My father was a great man. He changed lives, touched lives and made the best use if his time on earth. He was a warrior and a fighter. He fought "the good fight". I love my dad so much and appreciate very moment I spent with him. From when I was a child till now and forever. I'm so thankful to God for granting me the opportunity to work with him this summer. I believe my dad fulfilled his destiny and has gone to be with The Lord. 

I adore him because he taught me well. He taught me to be independent, prudent, how to treat people equally with respect, how to love everyone irrespective if what they've done to me, how to give people another chance and most importantly how to love God. He has made me understand what love is. He love us, he loved God and most especially my mum and we all love him too. He brought us up and taught us that independence is good but with your family, independence can't be spelt without dependence. 

He was a hero not because he was the strongest man in the world but because he fought for the weak. I wouldn't cry because I'm not mourning. I'm celebrating the life and times of the most important man in my life. Time can do a lot but it will never reduce the huge place you have in my heart. You would always be my first love. Rest in peace daddy. 'Yeyi' loves you. 

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