Getting Comfortable In My Skin

September 18, 2016 Unknown 3 Comments

I can remember saying countless times that my personal style is dynamic. It never subscribes to staying put. Like really, everytime I see something new, I want to try it. To be honest, it's incredibly hard to look away from clothes.
This explains why I've taken a liking to "not so conservative clothing". 

Did anyone notice I've been showing a lot more skin of late? I'm sure you did. I started this not because I have prefect skin. In fact, my skin is very far from that but I've come to except my spots as mine. I accepted that I'm in Nigeria and it's almost impossible not to get those spots. I honestly don't know how people that don't have any do it. Thank God for pictures. They hardly show in them. 

I've always wanted to flash skin and I'm not talking about my legs. I've always been comfortable with them. I'm talking about my hands and back. I've been too shy or worried that my skin isn't like icecream as one of my former roommates would describe good skin. I also want to project boldness, fierceness, and confidence. I'm working towards it by  firstly showing some skin in the areas outside my comfort zone. 

You might be wondering, is she trying to be sexy? The answer is Yes. Yes, this is an attempt to be sexy. I know I look silly but it's worth trying.

It's not going to be easy but nothing good ever comes easy. Isn't that the saying?

Your Views Matter
I know I'm not the only one uncomfortable about some flaws here and there? I'm learning to accept mine by trying daring  things. What are your flaws and how are you learning to accept yours?

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  1. I think you look great Seyi! And no, you don't look silly! I personally love a little bit of back and shoulder skin - hence my love for off shoulder outfits! Have a great week.

  2. You look great dear and your skin looks flawless.
    I've always felt and still feel insecure about my boots#smallboobsgang.
    My Style Look Book Series

  3. Seyi you've always been incredible sexy. No need to put more effort (no need to outshine us more). Love the outfit and I've been experimenting with new styles too (that's why I finally wore the anklet you gave how many years ago!)

    Mira La Belle

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