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February 23, 2015 Unknown 3 Comments

Aii, so today I would be gracing your online presence with another style limelight post. If you can't remember what style limelight is all about, it's quiet simple- Bringing style to the limelight. How I get the people I feature? I normally ask for requests in the comments or that you send a private mail but I get my fashionistas primarily from my everyday lookbook. I just observe and offer. 

Today's glam diva is Shayo Ariye. I would love to give full detail about her but let me leave her to do the talking. 
•What's your full name? what do your friends call you?
Ariye Sayo and my friends call me Sayo

•your hobbies?
Reading writing and trying new cuisine

•How would you describe your kind of fashion?
Casual and classy

•In one word or sentence what does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is self defined

•Where do you get your inspiration from?
Am inspired by my mum and rihanna and kate hudson

•Who are your favourite designers?
Favorite designer
Steve madden, kenneth cole, marc jacobs, Forever 21 urban outfitters

•Where do you shop?
I shop mostly in forever 21 and charlotte russe. I prefer online shopping and

•What fashion trends do you follow?
Fashion trends
Gingham, dark lips

•What fashion item can't you live without?
I cant live without eyeliner and a mascara. A pair of sun glasses

•What's your go-to outfit? Immediately you think of dressing up what out fit would you put together.
Blue jeans and white top

•How much do you love fashion?
I think fashion is incredible and the best expression of oneself. 

It's quiet obvious that Shayo has her own style that is unique, chic and definitely stylelime limelight worthy. I was so excited during the interview session because I was falling in love with all her answers and showed avid interest in everything she had to say.
To me, Shayo Ariye's style is a delightful combination of classy comfort with a dash of edgy to make a statement. Her sense of fashion is elegant and contemporary. She definitely deserves an accolade. 

Hope you all enjoyed the post? Let me know in the comment what you think about Shayo's style.

                                               With Love,
 Ijenna Osuji

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