Retro Religion

February 14, 2015 Unknown 1 Comments

I'm in love with anything vintage. From clothes to accessories, lifestyle, you name it...I'm in love with the 70's or 80's. In fact, I wish I was given birth to in that era but oh well, gotta love where I am. 

I decide to do a vintage post because the style is coming back in full force. It has been appearing on runways and clothing line collections. I'm not surprised though... Some things just never die. 

I decided to do this post with my really good friend Sharon. She's an amazing fashionista and my reason for loving vintage clothing. People have tried to make me like it but I guess they never pulled it off to me. In fact, I bought the shirt from her and it's an authentic vinthage shirt. If you need her contact just let me know in the comments or send me a mail at adenowoseyi@ymail.com. 
With outfits like this, the perfect way to end the day would be to chill at a rooftop jazz and art restaurant. 

                                               With Love,

Photo credits- Esike Mine, Ariye Sayo 
Wardrobe assistant- Jatau Maris M.
Models- Sharon John-Akachi, Adenowo Seyi

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1 comment:

  1. Love all things vintage I tell you! Love the funky look. The pics need to be clearer tho. Can't see much.