The High Museum, Atlanta Georgia, USA

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A HIGH Museum?!!
I'm sure a lot you are wondering "what in the world is a high or rather 'the High Museum'? To me, it's pretty much the best representation of contemporary and local art I have seen. 
P.s. I haven't been there o! I just read about it and got really inspired to write about it.

Art means a lot of different things to different people. I'm no artistics analyst or critique but I'm a lover of art. And being a lover of art doesn't mean I would see the painting of a dot (literally 'a dot') and be wowed by it. Art to me is a piece not necessarily intended to be art but creates peace of mind just my looking at it. That's the feeling I got just my researching about this museum. 

In recent years, the High has gone to great lengths to enhance its national and international pedigree by partnering with major institutions like the MuseƩ de Louvre in Paris, France to bring in major exhibitions. These big budget productions have been criticized in the local scene as not being much more than circus attractions.

Well, the art has definitely got this girl feeling in some kind of way!! Lol @mobooola
Looking at this wonderful piece of art it looks like a painting but get this... It's not!! From below this is what it looks like
Amazing right?!
And be wowed by the beauty and simplicity of contemporary art. I don't know about you but this is no circus attraction. 
If I were to describe what this sculpture means to me, I would probably write a sequel. Look closely it's not just sticks. It's stick men holding eachother up. 

I really hope you enjoyed my little write up on art. This is my first. 
Chao darlings!!

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